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When was the last time you took time to make a list of things for which you are grateful? I have to admit it has been quite a while since I made one myself. However, when I started to set forth my thoughts on a list, I found out that many things make me truly happy.

For example, when having my job in mind, I am grateful to:

*my AmCham “Dream Team”: Nina with her high level EQ and passion for making world a better place, Maja with her great sense of humor and organizational skills, Vida for being the best deputy in the world;

*networking with great people – YOU;

*discussing different topics with AmCham Committees and trying to make Slovenia a better place for living and working in – AND I KNOW WE CAN DO IT;

*great Board of Governors who are at one`s service whenever one needs them and who have confidence in our creativity – Dear Matej, President, it is a pleasure to have you for a boss 🙂

*warm and friendly relationship with people at the US Embassy THX Gene, Martin, Sarah, Chris, Charlotte, Matjaž, Gregor, Ivanka and all of you who work and cooperate so great with us and of course a BIG THANK to Ambassador Joe – what a great gentleman!

*AmCham Young Professionals Program – spring of energy and motivation;

*plenty daily encounters and meetings with interesting people of whom some have become really great colleagues;

…. I could continue and I will- for myself – and will also include thoughts about own personal concepts – FAMILY, HOME, FRIENDS. Howsoever, I do not wish to take much more of your time and hope you will devote a few minutes to make your own list of things for which you are grateful.

In the year of 2012, I wish you will not take your “list of happiness” and people included in it for granted – be aware, be awake and be happy. –Ajša

My greeting for the coming Christmas and New Year is not only to wish all of You – AmCham members – health, happiness, personal and business success, but also to spend a quality time with your families, at sports activities or hobbies.

Since the coming year will be even harder in terms of the economic crises than the 2011, I wish all of You a lot of positive thoughts and positive energy to gain what we all want: more friendly business environment for all companies working in Slovenia. –Vida

One of the things for which I am thankful for this year – 2011. I am truly happy to be a part of AmCham Young Professionals Program and to have possibility of following development, activities and results of already the 2nd generation of the Young Professionals.

Our meetings give us lots of knowledge, sharing of experiences, out-of-the-box thinking, networking, and last but not least positive energy, which can be sometimes difficult to find. Also, I am glad for all the positive responses from our Mentors of the 1st generation, because it really tells us that we are on the right path when it comes to developing the program. I wish you all a happy New Year! -Maja

My New Year’s greeting is seemingly simple – but overall situation shows us that it is not so… That is why I wish for all of us to learn how to really listen and actually hear each other.

And to be able to hear important messages from people who showed us with their mission and actions that they are the pioneers, visionaries and forecasters of another – better time to come. Some of them are Jerry Colona, Sandi Češko, dr. dr. Matjaž Mulej, Alen Kobilica, our director Ajša, and many other individuals, who shine for us on our way in better tomorrow. I wish us all to learn at least from time to time to live for and in the Moment. -Nina