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USA Alumni is a joint project between the US Embassy Ljubljana and the American Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia (AmCham Slovenia) which aims to bring together Slovenian alumni of US government sponsored programs, such as the Fulbright program and the Ron Brown Fellowship program, as well as Slovenian alumni who studied at US universities in the USA and received (an) undergraduate (B.A., B.S.), graduate (M.A., M.S., MBA, LLM, PhD., etc.) or professional (M.D., J.D., etc.) degree(s) there.

The US Embassy and AmCham will be organizing 2-3 USA Alumni events per yearnext event will take place on 29th February, 2012 – for members of alumni, as well as including our members in other events or activities that may be of interest.

AmCham will be housing an Experts Database with CVs of USA alumni members for job-related purposes (potential jobs, as consultants, for legal advice, etc.).

Please see the application form for more information. Fill it in and join USAlumni today!

Of course, if you would like more information or have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Maja Košir, Project Manager, AmCham Slovenia, +386 30 646 099,

Charlotte Taft, Alumni Coordinator, US Embassy Ljubljana, +386 01 200 5616,