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Sustainability Leadership and Inspiration Business Academy

Sustainability is business reality about making the business more efficient, without compromising the resources for tomorrow. Many successful companies worldwide have discovered highly positive impact sustainable processes have on economic results. Research has shown that Slovenian managers and entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of the importance of the subject. Therefore it is not surprising that many companies have already successfully implemented the principles of sustainable development and many are preparing to take that unavoidable step.

To satisfy the growing demand for knowledge about sustainable business, the Faculty of Economics University of Ljubljana in cooperation with foreign experts and BMW Group have designed Sustainability Leadership and Inspiration Business Academy. The aim is to provide its participants with knowledge and tools that will enable them to apply sustainability principles into their companies in a way that is beneficial to all three pillars: to people, planet and profit. Academy is organized like a MBA program principles, allowing access to different aspects of business practice in order to gain skills to move your business to more sustainable path. The program is based on prominent lecturers and experienced practitioners from established institutions from abroad and Slovenia.

Sustainability academy is tailored to the needs of middle and top management in companies that have strategically positioned themselves as leaders on the market. At the same time it is beneficial for companies that are creating value and influencing the economic reality to become more sustainable.

Academy is organized in six two-day modules, from March till June 2011. Participants will work in a closed group of maximum 30 participants from different industries and with different background. Activities within the academy induce knowledge-sharing and networking among participants, which will strengthen cooperation of the companies involved. After six modules participants will be prepared to develop and support processes in the company, which bring environmental and social benefits accompanied with sound business performance.

Faculty of Economics Ljubljana and AmCham are partners at the project Amcham Young Professionals with aim to develop and share quality knowledge. Therefore we managed to arrange 40 percent discount for AmCham members, which brings the fee down to 2.800 (VAT included). More information can be found at the academy website, application code: AmCham.

Ajša Vodnik, MSc

For more information please contact: Ajda Lah,, 01 5892 548.