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In 2016, AmCham Slovenia is again awarding the best business practices through its Best of the Best program. Within three presented projects in the openness category, the audience, committee and the "active listener", chose Steklarna Hrastnik and its Premium Business Club – HUB, as the finalist.


The projects within the innovation category are:

1. Zavarovalnica Triglav – Očistimo naše gore

2. Atlantic Grupa – Atlantic Body and mind – priložnost biti fit

3. Steklarna Hrastnik – Premium Business Club – HUB

Although all the projects are winners, full of inspiration and deserving of praise, it was the Steklarna Hrastnik project that was most convincing, thanks to its creativity, enthusiasm, openness and desire to spread knowledge. The active listener on this occasion was Ana Verčko Grilec, Director of Communications at Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires, who explained to us why the winning project also got her vote: "I congratulate all three companies for their wonderful projects and beautiful presentations. I believe that we will be able to use many of their ideas. The decision was a difficult one, but in giving my vote I put my trust in the definition of openness, which means the free transfer of knowledge, cooperation and connection."

Steklarna Hrastnik's Premium Business Club 1860 is an intra-industry innovation center, created for the purpose of integrating and spreading knowledge, experience, and innovative approaches. Premium Business Club 1860 brings together teams of young, creative individuals eager for experience, who gain important knowledge at the same time as cooperating with other partners and external associates on the creation of new products and the stories behind them.

Divided into interdisciplinary teams under the supervision of experts, they tackle a range of tasks and in this way gain experience and knowledge and contribute to the development of the company. The members of Premium Business Club 1860 are thus integrated into the networks of knowledge and experience that they need for a good start in their own careers, while at the same time as helping businesses tackle a wide range of tasks and generate excellence. The business model is constantly developing and being supplemented, while maintaining a focus on the promotion of mentorship, curiosity and the continuous sharing of knowledge and experience, and the creation and testing of new approaches.

The purpose of Premium Business Club 1860 is to create conditions that connect young individuals with companies in order to generate excellence with measurable results. To create a flexible organism that will be adaptable to the widest range of environments and at the same time be innovative and socially responsible.

They presented us with some impressive statistics. Today they can boast 16 projects, among them Lighting UK, Clustering, Innovation Day, and Puzzle, 60 active members, four studying abroad, five new employees at Steklarna Hrastnik, six elsewhere and the 120,000 units they have created.

Best of the Best program

Exceptional projects and ideas of AmCham Slovenia members have been bringing best business practices into the Slovenian business environment for 17 years. This has helped create and shape our Best of the Best program, in which we have been presenting and awarding the best business practices for the third consecutive year. These companies serve as a guide and an inspiration and they are the result of creativity and innovation of our member companies' employees. By this, we are contributing to the transfer of best business practices and positive experiences into the business environment.

The purpose of the program is to present and highlight the outstanding work of employees in AmCham Slovenia member companies. Our goal is for these best practices to serve as a role model for changes in other business and companies. We are highlighting the positive and we are focused on successful stories, which we want to share and spread. Our special "Best Practice Academy" serves as a committee, which chooses the Best of the Best program finalists. Together with their help, we will spread exceptional ideas and practices that have been inspiring us for years, among AmCham Slovenia members and beyond.

At three Best of the Best events, we will present 9 best practices within three categories: INNOVATION, MOTIVATION and OPENNESS.

Exceptional individuals and partcipants in our Best Practice Academy are: Aleksander Baretič – Mars Overseas Holdings, Aleksandra Brank – Bisnode, Ksenija Božič – BB Svetovanje, Katra Šemrov – Microsoft, Maja Langerholc – KPMG, Mateja Panjan – Danfoss Trata, Mojca Perič – Helios, Martina Merslavič – Siemens, Nina Remškar – Roche, Primož Zupan – Halcom, Rok Cuderman – Petrol, Simona Dijak – Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires, Soniboj Knežak – Steklarna Hrastnik, Tea Gasser – PwC, Viviana Žorž – Adecco, Alenka Rozman, NLB, Zvezdana Lubej – Profiles International Slovenia-Kadrovske storitve.

The overall winner  – the most convincing example of the best business practice – will be selected among three finalists, on the basis of votes on the AmCham social media channels. Each of the three finalists will be presented by a short video, while the overall winner will receive a weekend-package trip to New York.

Special thanks are due at the Best of the Best Openness event to the supporters and partners of the Best of the Best program, the general sponsors Zavarovalnica Triglav and Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires, the sponsor of the Openness category PwC and the program partners STA Potovanja and Hotel Slon.