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Excellent business practices of the best business community

We are curious to learn from the best! Best business practices bring innovation, motivation, and collaboration for growth and progress to the Slovenian business environment. AmCham is therefore proud to publicize, represent and reward them.

The Best of the Best program was developed as a guide, inspiration and support in the transfer of new know-how and positive business experience.

Companies in the Slovenian business community submit their business practices to enter the competition. The Best of the Best committee, a group of exceptional individuals and spokespeople for good business practices, then look at the entries and select nine finalists, 3 for each category. The winners of individual categories become super finalists and vie for the title of the Best of the Best. The year’s best practice selection takes place during the final event.

All members of AmCham Slovenia, or a company in the Slovenian business community that has a recommendation from a member of AmCham Slovenia can apply.

Outstanding teams, projects or initiatives are presented in the three thematical sets:





Again this year, we managed to find three outstanding candidates who will compete for the title of Best and the Best 2023.In the field of INOVATIVENESS the following shined:

We detected the ability to spark MOTIVATION in:

ESGT principles are best followed by:


Nine final projects (three in each thematical set) were presented in the individual week of each set (Motivation Week2. 10. 2023 – 6. 10. 2023ESGT Week9. 10. 2023 – 13. 10. 2023 and Innovation Week16. 10. 2023 – 20. 10. 2023). After the last presentation of the project, the voting opened and stayed open all until Friday at 10 a.m. The winner was announced at our Friday’s Coffee to Connect event. The best business practice of each set was determined by the AmCham Committee of the Best of the Best 2023 and digitally cast votes. Best of the Best 2023 will be determined by the digitally collected votes (voting will begin one week before the the final event), audience voting at the event and the expert committee’s votes. The announcement of The Best of the Best will take place at the final event.

We announced the Best of the Best of the year 2022 on December 6 at the AmCham Business Breakfast in the company of people lifting Slovenia to the very top – the company of top Slovenian athletes: Janja Garnbret, Edo Murić, and Darko Đurić. A sum of the online voting, voice expert jury, and audience votes at the event determined the final score. With the most votes collected, the project Industry and the university – Together, we build a society of knowledge and well-being by Novartis in Slovenia, and the University of Ljubljana won the title of Best of the Best in 2022.


ESG – Novartis in Slovenia & University of Ljubljana – Industry and university, Together, we build a society of knowledge and well-being - Best of the Best of the year 2022

At Novartis in Slovenia, and the University of Ljubljana, they are aware of the opportunities arising from a joint mission and in that respect focus on activities for the development of young people. Their project Building a society of knowledge and well-being together ranked among the best in the ESG thematic set. Among other things, they made individual knowledge centers less reluctant to open cooperation, reduced bureaucracy, and enhanced the connection of experts in individual areas of expertise and the readiness of companies for long-term integration, which strengthens the innovative capacity of the participants and, in a broader sense, contributes to a higher quality of life for everyone.