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Mission and activities of AmChams in Europe

At AmChams in Europe, we are dedicated to promoting robust, constructive, and positive international relations, which align with our core mission. Our commitment extends to fostering a network founded on mutual cooperation, which benefits all members involved.

  • Transatlantic Relations:

We prioritize nurturing and strengthening Europe-U.S. relations, recognizing their pivotal role in global affairs.

  • Best Practice Sharing:

We actively facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices among our members, fostering innovation and growth within our community.

  • Creative Network Award:

We inspire creativity and excellence within our network, recognizing outstanding contributions and achievements.

  • A Forum for Discussion:

We provide a platform for important debates and discussions, enabling constructive dialogue and collaboration on key issues shaping our industries and societies.


At AmChams in Europe, we are dedicated to organizing two conferences annually, strategically located in the USA and Europe, bringing together thought leaders, industry experts, and stakeholders from both sides of the Atlantic. These conferences serve as a platform for discussing key issues, sharing insights, and exploring opportunities for collaboration in technology, business, and beyond.