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Additional program benefits:

  • Two-day workshop.
  • Multi-day delegation abroad.
  • Field trip to a company.
  • AmCham Hero challenges (hexathlon of solving business challenges).
  • Free time activities.
  • Access to the AmCham Slovenia network.
  • Access to the AmCham Mentor program and an optional one-year, 1:1 mentorship with a selected business leader.
  • Access to the AmCham Young Leaders Club.
  • Closing event AmCham Top Potential of the Year.

The AmCham Young Professionals™ program is the intellectual property of AmCham Slovenia

By 2012, the program reached the necessary level of individuality, creativity and recognition to become legally eligible for copyright protection as the intellectual property of AmCham Slovenia and the team that developed it under the leadership of AmCham Slovenia CEO Ajša Vodnik. The copyright also applies to the AmCham Young Professionals™ brand.