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In the 9th round of the Partnership for Change program, we once again invited several organizations (business associations, municipalities, NGOs, public and private institutions, public administration bodies, educational and scientific institutions) and a group of at least three companies with trust in cooperation, who want to change the social and business environment for the better. Six excellent challenges were applied for this year’s call, and with the help of the commission and the votes of the event participants, we selected three challenges that we will take on this year.

The finally selected projects are:

  • ‘Commuting to work in a sustainable way’ – Ministry of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia, DTMPP
  • ‘Increasing the country’s competitiveness by facilitating the employment of foreign experts’ – The AmCham Future of Work and Education Committee
  • ‘Introduction of the compulsory subject Computer Science and ‘Informatics in primary and secondary schools – so that we will be the designers of our future’ – University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science