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10 Years, One Vision: PARTNERSHIP FOR CHANGE  

The Partnership for Change has been a beacon of innovative cooperation between employees in Slovenia’s public and private sectors for a decade, aiming to transmit and use good ideas, practices, and valuable solutions and facilitate employee exchanges. In this dynamic program, professionals from the civil service and business sphere have consistently pushed boundaries, shattered stereotypes, and scripted inspiring narratives. They have shown that the synergy between the government and the private sector can be reimagined to work in innovative, impactful ways. Every year, we have solved challenges considered crucial by various societal stakeholders.   


The core of the Partnership for Change was annual employee exchanges between government posts and businesses, where people literally swap jobs. Every year we further solved challenges that are considered crucial by various stakeholders in society. By changing mindsets, teaching and promoting cooperation, and strengthening the role of the individual, the Partnership for Change has introduced the concept of innovative co-creation in Slovenian society such as there has never been before.

As we reflect upon 10 years and 9 successfully executed rounds, it’s bittersweet to announce that we are concluding the program in its current form — the problem-solving rounds and exchanges that many have come to value. Yet, the core spirit of Partnership for Change remains undiminished. While the program is evolving, we’re laying the foundations for a renewed platform, one that will continue to champion positive changes in society and amplify the power of collaboration. Here’s to the next 10/10 chapter of making a difference!