Investment and business opportunities are our priority. Let’s put Slovenia on the map of top competitive countries and let’s work together for Slovenia to become the first choice for investors coming to Europe.

Slovenia Business BridgeTM is an investment and development conference devoted to presenting the Slovenian investment environment and business opportunities to foreign investors, and highlighting specific opportunities for Slovenian companies in the U.S. and other foreign markets. The conference is held every two years and connects the business world, investors, state representatives, and the diplomatic corps.

The next Slovenia Business Bridge™ Investment and Development Conference will take place in September 2021. The last, 5th conference, took place in 2019. Check out some conference highlights below.

Slovenia Business Bridge™ 2019

Innovation, cooperation and trust are the path to success. Distinguished speakers from Slovenia and abroad devoted their attention to innovation, cooperation, and trust as priority topics and factors for achieving good business results and success.