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8th Meeting, AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM

Ljubljana, March 22, 2016

''When you layoffs of workers, we should be aware that they are in distress and they need us. At those moments is important honest and open communication with employees, because with lie you just humiliate yourself.''

– Nina Marcelan, komercialno/kadrovska svetovalka, FMG GROUP

''Mr. Balažič inspired me with his calmness and dedication. He was not looking for excuses, in fact, he told us there is no difference in believing what can be done and what cannot be done. You are right in both ways, but it is a matter of your perspective what will be done.''

– Blaž Klinar, Head of Strategy and Product Development Dept., NLB Vita

''Mr. Toni Balažič surprised me by being genuine and sincere. I hope I will manage to take away and follow the thought, that you have to believe in order to succeed and that you need to set boundaries for subordination to others: legal, family and limit to which you are willing to sacrifice yourself. It is key to stay true to yourself and learn how to keep a distance between yourself and your job.''

– Mateja Jakopin, Manager, Deloitte

''I was realy fascinated by this link between spontaneity and professionalism. It was felt the sincerity and willingness. I can only say that I believe that work in the team with mr. Toni should be really positive experience. It's been a pleasure.''

– Mitja Zorko, Partner, Optiprint