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October 15, 2015, Ljubljana

American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia has continued with highlighting and encouraging good business practices of its member companies within the program Best of the Best 2015.

We are looking for and presenting the best business practices in the international business community, in AmCham Slovenia member companies, thereby bringing new knowledge and positive business experiences into Slovenia. We believe that such a transfer of best practices represents an important enrichment to the wider Slovenian economic environment.

At three Best of the Best events, we presented a total of 9 best practices from three different categories Innovation, Motivation, Openness, which we selected upon a special competition. Among the 9 best practices, a special committee together with event participants has chosen a winner from each category, which will then compete for the main Best of the Best 2015 Award, a weekend package in New York City and a free membership to AmCham Slovenia in 2016.

The overall winner – the most convenient business practice – was selected on the basis of votes on AmCham social media. Each finalist was awarded with the promotion within AmCham Slovenia business community and general public. Each was also awarded with a workshop of their choice. The winning project was awarded with a weekend package in New York City and a free membership to AmCham Slovenia in 2016.

In the final selection were the following projects:

· Innovation: Money Talks 2014 – Advanced Skills Workshop, Halcom d.d.,

· Motivation: Halcomovo leto vrednot, Halcom d.d.,

· Openness: Razvijanje voditeljstva za indijske managerke na Ekonomski Fakulteti, Ekonomska Fakulteta.

On the 17th consecutive regular General assembly of AmCham Slovenia, the prize for the Best of the Best 2015 winner was given. From three finalist, Best of the Best 2015 award won Halcom for the project “Money Talk 2014 – Advanced Skills Workshop”, which was selected on the basis of votes on AmCham social media

Halcom in partnership with EESTEC LC Ljubljana organized a 1-week workshop for the development of advanced skills within the project Money Talks 2014.

The primary purpose of the workshop was to bring together theoretical knowledge of students, obtained while studying at universities, with practical skills underpinned by years of experience.

This was achieved through the implementation of gamification challenge on Hal E-Bank, and various lectures during the duration of the Workshop itself. 20 participants from around the world have successfully prepared 4 gamification prototypes: Halman, Hal’s Secret, Hal and Hal $ Achiever.

8 students are already cooperating with Halcom and 5 winning students have received a two-month paid summer internships at Halcom.

Employees of the company Halcom had an incredible chance to share their knowledge to young, ambitious students, at the same time they came in contact with fresh thinking, ideas and energy. Given the extremely positive response and the impact of the workshop they decided to continue the program in 2015 with new partners.