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Featuring special guest Mr Jerry Colonna. Jerry Colonna is an entrepreneur, investor, fund raiser and an exeptional motivational speaker. He fully understands the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and is always open to engage and advise on concrete challenges a young company is facing. Jerry Colonna is also the recipient of numerous awards and is a compelling speaker on topics ranging from leadership to starting businesses; he has been been named to Upside Magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People of the New Economy, Forbes ASAP’s list of the best VCs.

Note: Special invitation only.

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Days

get inspired by Jerry Colonna

6 – 7 December, 2011
Ljubljana Castle ( Stanovska dvorana), Ljubljana, Slovenia

OPEN EVENT, please see ticket details for more information

Leadership and Entrepreneurship Days is The December event to be at – it is for entrepreneurs and directors who are aware that as a CEO change is the only constant and that expanding, growing and evolving is a hard job. The event will inspire, teach and give concrete and useful guidelines for further development of you – as a CEO’s – and your company. Jerry Colonna is a known entrepreneur, investor, fundraiser and an exceptional speaker from New York. He was an early investor in Twitter,Lycos and Gamesville with a ROI of 845%.

Jerry will challenge you to think beyond your borders as an entreprenuer and CEO, to be more courageous, and learn how to handle the pressures of today. As a successful investor, Jerry will also share his experiences and tips on how to be more attractive to investors. Up to 10 selected entrepreneurs will have the unique opportunity to “pitch” their products/services and get Jerry’s feedback as an investor.