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Sponsorship funds that companies offer to professional athletes and for other projects are usually quite sizeable – like the financial needs in professional sport. Young people at the start of their careers usually face much smaller financial burdens, such as purchasing equipment or instruments, participation in training and competitions abroad, costs of training and physiotherapy, costs of studying or living abroad, etc. Since they cannot get sponsors, all the financial burden falls on their family. In such cases, even a small expense can decide whether the person will be able to develop their talent, whether they will stay at the amateur level, or even be forced to give up altogether.

For this reason the Young Hopes project by Zavarovalnica Triglav includes only young people between the ages of 16 and 19, whose career paths have not yet become professional. These young people are characterised by talent, enthusiasm, vision, and focus on their goals. However, they also face many challenges, such as coordination of school work and training, practice, or work, stress management, pressure, and competitiveness. The added self-confidence, which comes with being chosen in the Top 12, is therefore more than welcome, say this year’s young hopes.

Emphasis: /At Zavarovalnica Triglav we wish that such projects would receive widespread attention in Slovenia and that they would be joined by other similar projects. At this year’s award ceremony Milica Makoter, board member at Zavarovalnica Triglav and president of the board of Vse bo v redu Institute, which is responsible for implementation of the Young Hopes project, stressed that Zavarovalnica Triglav wants to contribute to a better future and set a positive example for other companies and individuals./

We are excited and proud of the career development and achievements of our Young Hopes from recent years, who are achieving top results in sports, arts, and science, even among the global professional elite. The achievements of climber Janja Garnbert, motocross rider Tim Gajser, skier Štefan Hadalin, and poet Lara Ružič Povirk were acclaimed in the media, and this year’s winners Luka Govedič, Aleksej Jurca, and Dorotea Senica have already surprised and pleased us with their results.

They say that it is difficult to gain the necessary skills, but once there it becomes easier. The Young Hopes title has already been awarded to 49 individuals. We sincerely hope our support will be a springboard that will help these talented and fiercely motivated young people reach for the stars.

Find out more at http://www.mladi-upi.si/.