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Slovenia, located at the intersection of pulsing trade and transport routes, is the perfect place for corporate success. Its political and macroeconomic stability provides an additionally secure environment for investors. With the GDP growth of just below 3% in 2019, economic sentiment in Slovenia remains buoyant as private and public investments continue to increase and consumers continue to spend. 

But these are not the sole reasons that make Slovenia the right choice for doing business. With the changing times, the way we do business must change, too. And Slovenia, known for doubling its investments in sustainable development, is at the forefront of countries adapting to the new environment where sustainability is at the core of our economy. Our government's policy to focus on using resources more efficiently, reducing waste and enabling consumers to make greener choices are all steps in the right direction. 

This is where our ability to adapt quickly, as well as having the workforce capable of coming up with innovative solutions, is reinforcing our position as an attractive destination for investments. Our brilliant minds in physics and mathematics, our talented and prolific architects and inventors have paved the way for today’s achievements in edgy and innovative sectors. 

Slovenia’s knowledge and manufacturing skills in automotive industry, electrical engineering and electronics, machine engineering, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health technology – to mention just a few – is a valuable asset to the out-of-the-box thinkers at the cutting edge of the digital age. And not just local thinkers. Some of the world's most innovative giants have set up a base here, such as Aviat Networks and Yaskawa. In the latter’s factory of industrial robots in Kočevje, it was the knowledge and expertise of Slovene engineers that provided smart solutions for robot integration, testing, software and other requirements set by Yaskawa company. On the other hand, Aviat, owned by the American Aviat Networks, has established its own research and development centre in Trzin, where more than 70 engineers are working on products for future communication systems.

Our priority to support innovation is also reflected in the fact that investors in our country committing resources to research and development in pursuit of better solutions for their sectors get a 100% tax deduction on that investment.

To sum it up, our human, technological and financial resources, combined with political and economic stability and full membership of practically all international associations, hold a promise that, with the right investor, sky is the limit.