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AmCham Slovenia is entering the of challenges plentiful autumn with new strengths. The new Members of the Board of Governors are fully active. The President is, besides providing numerous ideas for the chamber, also pledging himself along his career road to new responsibilities. Our Executive Team has become invigorated with two new co-workers. We are glad for having more and more new members, especially because we are proudly approaching the number of 200. Are we worried about the current situation of economy in Slovenia, Europe and throughout the world? We certainly are, nevertheless we wish to be active and try to change things for the better, even though within a micro environment. Presumably you are familiar with the butterfly wings theory.

The successful first season of the AmCham Young Professionals Programme, proceeding also this year with a new generation, has stimulated the establishment of already eighth committee functioning within the American Chamber of Commerce; namely, the Commission for Leadership and Talents Development, led by Robert Trnovec and Enzo Smrekar.

The AmCham Committees are being prosperous because of you, members, experts working within them and devoting your knowledge and time to them. If you wish or have will to either share your experiences you meet at work, discuss about the challenges or search for solutions and you might find it interesting to join your colleagues working in the following spheres of activities: taxes, labor law, intellectual property, public procurement, environment and space, social responsibility, leadership and development of talents and committee in charge of our membership. For detailed information please contact:office@amcham.si.

Accordingly there is lot of new ahead, however unchanged remains the fact that AmCham Slovenia is and will always be at its members´ disposal. Looking forward to meeting you sincerely.

Vida DOLENC POGAČNIK, Office Manager and Project Manager