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"We creatively solve the challenges. Passion drives us to think ahead. We connect with trust. Success is only achieved through cooperation. Optimism is life," are the main messages of the participants of the 9th generation of AmCham Young Professionals.

We got to know 140 next generation business leaders, participants of the 9th generation of AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM. At the first two introductory meetings, they became acquainted with the YOUng platform through a quiz and presented themselves through the values ​​of AmCham Slovenia.

Since it is best to hear about experience from the first hand, we also invited participants from the endless 8th generation to the meeting. Aleš Celar, Aviat, Matevž Korenč, Knauf Insulation, Artjom Bajdak, Artjom Bajdak s.p., Matic Zupanc, Studio Moderna, Špela Pirc, LanguageSitter, Sara Lorbek, MBILLS and Ana Kastelec, Odvetniška pisarna Fabiani, Petrovič, Jeraj, Rejc, o.p., d.o.o., shared their experience and advice with the new generation.

Matevž Korenč from Knauf Insulation said: "I know you do not know what is waiting for you and wonder – do I belong here? Enter the program with an empty head, without expectations. You will enter a new world and learn, from each other in particular".

"I entered the program with the goal of testing my boundaries and challenging myself. At first, I was uncertain and wondered, is it for me at all? Do your best, because you are the ones who are creating the program. It's worth it!Špela Pirc from LanguageSitter told her younger colleagues.

Matic Zupanc, the 8th generation superfinalist from Studio Moderna, said: "It's up to you to connect. For us, at least for all 10 finalists, this was not a contest in the end. Meet as many people as possible, ask them how they solve the challenges."

Sara Lorbek described her experience as follows: "In this program, there is something for everyone, everyone takes what they want, and I am a better me because of the 8th generation. I find it interesting to compare the program with travel. When you go on a trip, you disconnect and leave something behind, and you come back different. It's exactly the same here."

"You get as much as you invest. Now I believe AmCham that this is really an energy generator. You find yourself, look at the people around you, and find out that we are similar in thinking. From different working environments, different branches, of different ages, we connect with each other on the same wavelength," were the convinced words of Ana Kastelec from Odvetniška pisarna Fabiani, Petrovič, Jeraj, Rejc, o.p., d.o.o..

Ajša Vodnik, the CEO of AmCham Slovenia, said the following to future leaders: "Anyone who starts to compete has already lost in advance. You talents are those who create enthusiasm, you create a collective consciousness of cooperation, you encourage each other and grow together. Get on the playing field. AmCham Young Professionals is an Idea Generator, Opportunity Generator and Energy Generator for AmCham Slovenia. In the YOUng platform, we are thinking ahead and turn our energy into progress. Are you in?"

All participants of the 9th generation also presented themselves in front of the camera. Who are the future business leaders of the 9th generation by name, face and message? Wait until August and you will get to know them on our website.