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Main focus was on how to gain confidence and how to reestablish an effective strategy for the Slovene economy? What are the advantages we possess and how to make a good use of them? Is there an economic and financial program that would raise the credit rating of the state?

Mr. Rop, Vice President of EIB at the beginning used the ice breaker about what finance is all about with quote ‘’The easiest way to become a millionaire is to start as a billionaire and then go into the airline business’’ (Richard Branson). Excellent moderator of the debate Ms. Barbara Guzina, (Ataks) asked many interesting questions about confidence and how to regain it for a person, a company and a state.

Mr. Rop explained how confidence and trust are important from his perspective. He thinks risk and volatility research is made daily. Basic problem is how to reach stability. You need to have stable and clear policy and you need to act quickly in order to have confidence.

Mr. Svilan expressed his personal view on how to raise credit ratings of Slovenia:” We must turn our advantages, size and central position, into something positive. We must change debt culture into sustainable culture.

basic for doing business is trust, building trust. Now decisions are based on emotional and not rational basis. We need to work on three most important things. Firstly, what is most important for Slovenia economy is to build trust. Build new risk management models, this will bring us new business and work places. Second, Slovenia has to see its own wealth – for example experts. Third, change the way of financing. Finance engineering through EIB for example. All this can bring new finance in Slovenia and consequently sustainable finance will lead to higher trust.”

Mr. Uršič as top Slovene entrepreneur was decisive: “Confidence starts by believing in yourself and then in your colleagues. Future of business depends on one’s character and personality, especially in the age of social media. You need to show who you are.”