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Slovenia has a myriad of reasons to feel optimistic. And AmCham Slovenia has 10 reasons to live optimism. We chose 10 finalists of the 7th generation AmCham Young Professionals™, who spread a wave of optimism. They changed the mentality from "nothing can be done" to "everything is possible”. And they are only at the beginning.

Representatives of the 7th, fairytale generation, carry the leadership values and believe that they can only change the world by co-creating it.


AmCham Slovenia congratulates to 10 finalists:



Tomaž Brcar, Trimo

Mirela Čanić, Petrol

Gašper Hren, Danfoss Trata

Domen Ivanšek, Knauf Insulation

Tadej Jančar, Steklarna Hrastnik

Deana Jezeršek, LanguageSitter

Sandra Kecman, Bisnode

Peter Kep, Zavod AIPA

Maša Madon, Ekonomska fakulteta v Ljubljani

Bogdan Mali, Iskratel