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A conference on the topic of how to make a name, do business and succeed in the US was yesterday held in the Grand Conference Hall of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The event, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia in cooperation with the US Embassy and AmCham Slovenia, was met with a great response.

In the introduction the guests were addressed by Dr Stanislav Raščan (Ambassador, Director General of Directorate for Economic Promotion, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), H.E. Joseph A. Mussomeli (U.S. Ambassador to Slovenia) and mag. Ajša Vodnik (Executive Director, AmCham Slovenia).

Mag. Gorazd Renčelj, Economic Advisor at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Washington, introduced the guests with the form of support with included practical tips, connections and managing formalities the companies are offered at their expansion in the US market by the Slovenian Embassy in Washington.

»When doing business in US it is very important to be competent, have clear goals, go straight to the point… and the most important thing- you must systematically build relationships!« mag. Gorazd Renčelj

Jurček Žmauc, Consul General in Cleveland and President of the Slovenian-American Business organization, introduced his engagement in the field of integration of Slovenian and American companies in the USA, offered assistance at networking and presented the Slovenian-American Business organization.

Robert Grah, Director SG Automotive, in his speech pointed out the significance and many advantages of making business in the USA as compared with Europe and related to the current crisis situation. He set out the importance of the »face to face« communication, with the final aim of welfare for both parties involved (win-win situation). By an example of the successful story of SG Automotive, he illustrated how to approach doing business in the USA. He stressed the importance of US co-investors and partners who can with significant networking and contacts help a Slovenian company that is trying to make its way in the US market.

»In the USA never ask for agenda. Just go for it«!
Robert Grah

Mag. Jadranka Jezeršek Turnes, Advisor for International Communication, Kontekst, Polimat, in illustration of her personal experience of »conquering America«, presented the business vision of Polimat Innovation Office in Ohio. She shared all the steps of realization of Polimat business idea in the USA with the participants of the conference, and particularly emphasized the significance of good preparation already at home and the so-called »relationship management«. She pointed out that America is not an unconquerable fortress and that starting business there is also not as difficult and exhausting as many think.

»In US no one will do something instead of you. But they very well accept ambition. « mag. Jadranka Jezeršek Turnes

Mag, Primož Bešter, Director of Sales and Marketing, Kolektor, pointed out that business deals in the USA are made relatively quickly and easily, however it is essential to study the market thoroughly and to have a clear vision.

»US market is a very rational and transparent market. Possibilities are always there« mag. Primož Bešter

Neil DiBiase (Economic Officer, U.S. Embassy Ljubljana) summed up some ideas expressed by speakers about the American business principle. Christian Vojtech (U.S. Embassy Vienna) pointed out the great importance of different types of visas and getting it in due course for the right type of business.

Thomas Brennan
(Counselor for Commercial Affairs, U.S. Embassy Vienna, Department of Commerce) spoke about various events and fairs where anyone having interest can further learn about potential business connections with the USA and establish contacts with US companies searching for foreign business partners. He pointed out the business integration also in the context of the forthcoming Transatlantic Trade and Investment Integration (free market) between the USA and Europe.

Mark Bland (Vice Consul, U.S. Embassy Vienna) presented many useful and practical directions for implementing business operations in the USA to the participants.

The conference was concluded by discussion in which all the participants could at first hand get concrete and professional answers. The conference proved successful as it turned out that Slovenia is very interested in doing business in the USA and that such thematic events are more than welcome.