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We talked with two business leaders working in the Slovene business environment. They share their passion for work, perseverance, and we get to know them from the perspective of partnership.

We were joined by Laura Smrekar, Partner, Head of Communications, Competo & Ambassador of the eCoaching platform Potendo and Enzo Smrekar, General Manager of SBU, Atlantic Grupa and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Droga Kolinska, who also won an award for advertising personality of the year in 2018.  Guests were in conversation with mag. Ajša Vodnik, general manager of AmCham Slovenia.

The debate concerned the triangle of work, society and home

Enzo Smrekar about the goals and people in the team: “I often set impossible goals. I grab everything that smells like a challenge. I always say, let’s do something from this. At 29 I thought I knew everything. It probably sounds familiar. It is important for people not to search for copies of themselves. Laura really balanced my career. Left to myself, I would remain more aggressively oriented. It’s absolutely necessary to look for people who are better than you in your field. You cannot be the best at everything. The added value is that you work with people who are better than you.”

Laura Smrekar about how people convince her: “A job interview must be a pleasant experience where a person can open and deliver content. Competences are important. In interviews, I notice people have a lot of problems, it is hard for them to talk about their achievements, they are not confident. In this part, I see socially responsible work in helping people to find themselves.”


Laura Smrekar about social responsibility and decision-making: “I follow my own norms, ethical aspirations, principles and instincts in everything I do. There are more and more companies that we say we will not cooperate with them because they do not work in accordance with our values. Let’s be honest with ourselves.”

Laura Smrekar, Competo

What is their advice for young people at the beginning of their careers? Enzo Smrekar: “Young people look at the corporate world too seriously. Just be yourself. I have found myself to be the best when I relax and have fun.” Laura Smrekar: “Competences are crucial in the future of work and they can be developed. When the student is ready, the teacher comes. Train and be better every day.”


The message of the meeting for me was…


Empathy will be the only competence where robots are not equal to us.

You cannot be the best in everything. Let people be the best in their fields and connect them.

Just be yourself.

The child in us never dies, only the toys become bigger.


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