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The Members of the American Chamber of Commerce Slovenia have at the Regular Annual General Assembly concerning the Board of Governors for another two years extended the mandate of Jurij Giacomelli, Delo d.d., and as a new member of the Board elected Aleša Kandus Benčina, Medex and Honorary Consul of Canada.

More information about the newly elected Governors may be found at: www.amcham.si, and the CV in the attachment enclosed.

The members have supported and expressed satisfaction with the work of the Chamber, headed by the President of the AmCham Slovenia, Matej Potokar MBA and the AmCham Slovenia Executive Director Ajša Vodnik, M.Sc.

The President of the AmCham Slovenia, Matej Potokar gave a welcome speech: » A year has passed since I have become the President of the AmCham Slovenia and accepted the function with a great pleasure, yet also with a lot of responsibility. Although this year has been a year of political changes in Slovenia, the AmCham Slovenia continues in remaining the voice of the international community for prosperous business and everyday environment. We are aware that there are many structural and business environment changes necessary. Therefore, I would like to thank all the experts, working within the AmCham Committees, who also with a proactive attitude and optimism wish to work for the common good. It is a great pleasure meeting you all at our events, there were more than 40 of them within one year organized and supported by AmCham and they certainly prove to be a good meeting place of businessmen, diplomacy, experts from different fields of work and politics.«

The members have been especially pleased with the fact that the Program AmCham Young Professionals TM, meant for promising, young, future business leaders – the active population between 25 and 33 years, has after several years of development reached an appropriate level of individuality, creativity and recognizability and thus became righteously eligible for the copyright protection as the intellectual property of Amcham Slovenia and its team that developed it, and the same goes also for the brand AmCham Young Professionals itself. The program, primarily created according to the conceptual idea of Ajša Vodnik, M.Sc., the Executive Director of AmCham Slovenia is successfully developing in cooperation with the team and its Project Manager Maja Košir and external collaborator of AmCham Slovenia, the intuitive coach, Bogo Seme. Many AmChams throughout the world showed their interest in the Program AmCham Young Professionals which will shortly start with its new generation.

The members also approved two new programs – Leader’s Club and USAlumni and commended the work of eight Committees, which with more than 150 experts wish to contribute actively to the development and positive changes in the Slovenian business environment.

After the official part, the main guest of the evening, Miha Pogačnik, a world-class business motivator, concert violinist, a Slovenian with U.S. citizenship, brought to the members of AmCham Slovenia a different dimension of the perception of management and business leadership in his own, unique way. Again he proved his reputation as the man who stimulates creativity and makes changes with the power of classical music. »Europe is an unfinished work of art and should be perceived as a polyphony, multiple voices of different cultures,« expressed his thoughts Miha Pogačnik. More on WWW.TERRAPARZIVAL.EU and WWW.MIHAVISION.COM