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Ptuj, 24/25 January 2014

46 participants of the 4th Generation of AmCham Young Professionals on a two-day workshop strengthened their communication skills with mag. Ajša Vodnik, the Executive Director of AmCham Slovenia, who has rich media experiences and passion for studying/teaching business leadership and communication, and the nonverbal communication with Liljana Cvjetičanin, Bachelor of Psychology, expert in human kinetics and graphologist.

Interactive, energetic and educational! The basics that every (future) leader should win and be familiar with!

Have you ever noticed that your co-speaker was not conveying the message he was talking about as regards the non-verbal communication and it disturbed you? Do you think that because of the way of your non-verbal/verbal communication you have not achieved the wanted results? We work intuitively, but do we know how to take advantage of it?

Young leaders stepped out from the comfort zone and stepped in front of the camera unreservedly.

At the Workshop: »CREATE AN IMPRESSION AND HAVE INFLUENCE«, they altogether with mag. Ajša Vodnik focused on three important topics – credibility, integrity and communication. It is worth upgrading the communication skills for achieving better, more effective and efficient relationships and for being aware of the significance of a good communication story and values we communicate. Communicating with charisma and a sense for people, gains their confidence and understanding. Every public appearance, speech or presentation forms an important part of business leaders` leadership, therefore it should not be left to coincidence. And the appearance in the media is the way to achieve that the ideas and values reach the broader public.

The energetic workshop of a non-verbal communication with Liljana Cvjetičanin, who has been focusing her work already for twenty-five years into the study of an individual – human inwardness, both on an individual as well on a societal level – impressed all the participants entirely. Lots of practical advices, analyses and tips were given on how to be efficient “inside out” – as a true leader.