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Giving Back to the Community, October 1, 2015, Ljubljana

This year, we are also beginning to implement the Tree of Growth program, within the Giving Back to the Community initiative. At the proposal of Petrol and Danfoss Trata, the Tree of Growth will circulate among AmCham Slovenia members. Companies that wish to join the project will host a tree within its premises for three months and thus contribute to strengthening the message of sustainable practices and awareness of the importance of humanitarian operations, recycling and nature conservation. By entering Petrol premises on October 1st, the “relay tree” will become a nationwide project. By disposing of bottle caps within the tree, we will not only show our social responsibility and humanitarianism, but will also be giving back to the nature and promote a clean environment.







For more information and cooperation in the project please contact: petra.kocjan@amcham.si