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Thierry Villard, CEO, Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires:

»As a member of the Board of Governors I have gained valuable experiences and the years of active participation at AmCham Slovenia have been fantastic and I can say that AmCham Slovenia is way ahead of other AmChams in Europe. It was very refreshing to participate in the development of the excellent program for young – the AmCham Young Professionals TM and its upgrade – the AmCham Young Leaders Club, as I have in all four generations noticed a strong passion for changes. They are the future Slovenian leaders, so we have to let them develop. As a mentor I sometimes had an interesting feeling that actually they were my mentors. They say that they have learned a lot from me, but in reality it was them who gave a lot to me. They have given me a message that we need to do something good together. I give you my full commitment that I will maintain a strong focus and passion also in the coming years and I can say for myself that AmCham Slovenia gave me something, I could have never expected – my own Avatar«.

As Sandi Češko, the owner and CEO of Studio Moderna, was at the time of the Assembly in the USA, his co-worker now for already last 12 years, Metka Glas presented him very sincerely:

»Sandi can be presented in too many ways – all are excellent. However, I decided to present my story of – how I have seen and perceived Sandi Češko in all these years of our cooperation. Sandi tends to confront you with challenges constantly. Every day. Several times a day. He literally »pushes« you out of your comfort zone. He taught me the lessons of life: Learn from those who are better than you. Try to be a little faster than you already are. Do not make mistakes. If you work hard, you will make a progress. Of course I try to follow these lessons every day – however, the lessons still last. Sandi likes to associate with the young very much. He is a wonderful mentor and inspiration to many. He learned about business from his father and is now transferring his knowledge – to me, to others. He taught me to cooperate with my colleagues. He is aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and teaches it continuously on all possible levels. He has a passion for new and for changes. I can not tell what he will be doing in the future, but I can tell the following: The only thing that is constant in the pole is the change and therefore you can expect changes also in the AmCham Slovenia«.