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5th AmCham Young Professionals™ Meeting

Ljubljana, December 10, 2015

Secrets of good crisis management: open communication with all the stakeholders in the company, motivational orientation and team of people that you can trust. Failure is nothing else than a feedback how to do things differently in the future.

Bine Pangršič, Adviser to the Management Board, Helios Domžale

Failure is only a warning that you were doing wrong. This is an ideal opportunity to turn the other way and do it right.

Nina Marcelan, FMG GROUP

»When you add your heart to management, you are on the path of true leadership«. This is one of many excellent advices by Ms Sonja Klopcic – an exceptional leader and business woman. Her story of transformation from engineer to a true leader is exceptional, inspiring and highly motivational for every young leader. A good leader must firstly lead his team with a good example, secondly with incentive and thirdly with clear communication. This way of leadership is certainly not the easiest to implement, but on the long term it provides the best results. As Tom Peters says on leadership: »Leaders do not create followers. They create more leaders«. And this is definitely the right path of leadership.

Anamarija Meglič, Director, The Ypsilon Institute

Sonja Klopčič inspired me with her sincere and down-to-earth approach. It is rare to gain insight into the first managerial steps and the vast spectre of challenges that a first-time manager has to overcome.

Teja Rajšp, Public Relations Representative, Tsmedia

Sonja is an exceptional leader, so her performance could not be less than exceptional. I was impressed by her honesty and modesty in which she shared her powerful experiences. It is her courage and genuine acceptance of gains and losses that truly inspired me.

Lara Delić, Profiles International Slovenia