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Participants of AmCham Business Breakfast discussed connectedness and the views of various generations about it. There was broad agreement that integration based on intergenerational cooperation is a key to solving numerous modern challenges, with technology also playing an important role.

The event in Ljubljana first focused on the role of technology in future development and integration, with the panellists agreeing that its potential is immense. They dismissed the opinion that the development of technology is pushing humans aside by stressing that the problem is not in technology itself, but in the incorrect use of its potential. "Technology is a force which can make the world better," said Hans Wijers, the former Dutch minister of finance and of economy, currently the president of the management board of Heineken. He thinks that the key to its efficient utilisation is in educating and empowering people.

Swedish technology expert Claudia Olsson, the CEO and founder of consulting company Exponential AB and a young global leader with the World Economic Forum, agreed that managing technology requires constant learning. Many panellists agreed that technology is where the gaps between generations are widest, but Sonja Šmuc of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS) said that these gaps could be bridged with integration and cooperation. "We have to understand that the older ones must learn from the younger ones, which also applies for companies," she added.

Mark Boris Andrijanič, a representative of Uber for Central and East Europe, said that the gaps between generations could be significantly reduced simply by people respecting and listening to each other more, which he sees as the foundation of successful integration. Banker Marko Voljč, the president and co-founder of the Adriatic Council, pointed to modern technologies in banking, which the older generations are afraid of for no particular reason. He believes that everybody can learn at least the basics of these technologies.

The AmCham Business Breakfast was held as part of the three-day regional meeting of the European group of the Trilateral Commission.

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