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Mentors, top business leaders, and 9th generation AmCham Young Professionals mentors who will learn from each other by June next year have started their mentoring year together. At a relaxed lunch, they connected, met and outlined the first steps in a mentoring relationship.


The 9th generation mentees spun the wheel of fortune and chose tips and tricks shared by the 8th generation couples. Advice on how to apply and how to violate the rules of mentoring was shared by mentee Špela Pirc, LanguageSitter, and mentor Sonja Klopčič, mentee Aljaž Pogačar, KPMG, and mentor Vasko Berden, NIL, and mentee Aleš Celar, Aviat, and mentor Žiga Vavpotič, Outfit7 .


Ales Celar and Ziga Vavpotic confirmed the rules of the game and how crucial it is to violate them. “When you feel the vibe, you decide how you will work together. We learned a great deal from each other, our roles were not limited by the prefix mentor or mentee. We didn't stick to the rules," they said, adding that they would continue to meet since their relationship certainly did not end with the end of the mentoring year.


Aljaž and Vasko emphasized that the opportunity for mentoring was also an opportunity for personal growth on both sides. “The key thing is to build a relationship. Vasko insisted on the question of what you have more than others, what more can you give? It was our attitude, our goal. He kept returning the ball to me until I made it, " said Aljaž Pogačar. "But we had a pretty tough business year and needed that support from each other," added Vasko Berden.

Špela Pirc and Sonja Klopčič shared tips on the fact that sometimes a successful meeting does not require structure and preparation. You gave up the flow and work without a strategy, and you also create the chemistry by removing the existence of taboos in the relationship.


 AmCham Slovenia recommends breaking the rules of the game for successful mentoring.

You can find useful tips in the Mentorship diary by clicking on the photo below.

*Mentoring can greatly accelerate your professional and personal growth and have a positive impact on your goals. Consult your mentor before use.


We wish mentors and mentees a lot of success in sharing their views and experiences!


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