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The title of Best of the Best in the Openness category, and thus the spot in the final for the best practices in 2017 (Best of the Best), selected by the audience, the commission, and the active listener, was awarded to companies Adecco and McDonalds DL for the project “CEO for a month”.

As part of the Best of the Best program, AmCham Slovenia presents and rewards the best business practices in the enterprise sector. The Openness category presented individuals and groups that share knowledge, experience and optimism in the Slovenian enterprise sector using cooperation, trust and integration.

Ajša Vodnik, CEO, AmCham Slovenia, explained: “In addition to optimism, our key virtues include trust and cooperation. All these three project express much of these virtues. Of course, without openness, people could not express their creativity and enthusiasm. I am therefore very happy to have been inspired, to have been shown a path, how to take on challenges with the help of virtues and an open heart.”

Nina Marinšek, Membership and Partnership Manager, AmCham Slovenia, and Best of the Best project manager, added: “We are a business community of opportunities and optimism. But with the Best of the Best projects, we demonstrate that we are also a business community of cooperation and integration. By exchanging opinions, experiences, knowledge and ideas, we complement each other, build good stories, spread optimism, and make progress towards positive changes.”

The following projects were presented in the Openness category:

1. Adecco H.R. in Alpe Panon McDonalds DL – CEO for a month

2. Halcom – 2nd Adriatic FinTech Hackathon

3. Zavod za medgeneracijsko sodelovanje, Ypsilon – International Business Summer School – Ljubljana

The title of the Best of the Best in the Openness category, and thus the spot in the final for the best practices in 2017, selected by the audience, the commission, and the active listener, was awarded to the “CEO for a month” project by companies Adecco H.R. and Alpe Panon McDonalds DL.

The active listener, Tjaša Kolenc Filipčič, marketing director, Zavarovalnica Triglav, explained that the Best of the Best is an excellent project, since it allows companies to learn about each other and to discover and share best practices. She awarded the no. 1 spot to projects “CEO for a month”, for presenting an innovative practice and including the youth, and project “Summer International Business School”, for its future potential in solving the problem of youth unemployment. “With this openness of companies, we will impress the youth, keeping our talent in Slovenia,” she added.

Viviana Žorž, representative of Adecco H.R., and Petra Erbida, representative of Alpe Panon McDonalds DL, said after winning that they are extremely glad of the recognition of their project, which highlighted primarily the importance of cooperation and integration. “Cooperation halves the tasks and doubles the success,” they repeated the project slogan, adding that their cooperation still continues.

The winner of this event, “CEO for a month”, will take on this year’s winner in the Innovation category, project by Pro Plus, “Štartaj, Slovenija!”, and this year’s winner in the Motivation category, project by Lidl Slovenia, “Together in Battle: Paralympic athletes and Lidl Slovenia”, for the Best of the Best title. The Best of the Best winner will be selected jointly, and announced on 5 December 2017 at the December AmCham Business Breakfast.

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