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The AmCham Young Leaders Club Meeting was on this occasion held to get to know the Emotional Intelligence and Intuition in a greater detail. What is emotional intelligence, how to develop it, why it is so important and why successful business leaders can not simply be without it?…We were given to these and similar issues raised at the meeting, many interesting replies, reflections, arguments and points of view by our guest of honor, always excellent Ms. Liljana Cvjetičanin, Bachelor of Psychology, expert in human kinetics and graphologist, a top-level expert with more than 25 years of experience in the field of studies of individuals – their inner functioning and their response to external factors, impact of the environment and stressful situations of everyday life.

AmCham young leaders have together with their lecturer studied the meaning and significance of intuition, which is revealed as a response to input information, by exploring the four basic types of behavioral types and the practical theory of temperaments… During the workshop, they altogether practiced a lot of useful exercises; i.e. the training for 21st Century, among them how to develop both brain hemispheres, how to learn to listen and to understand the “adaptive unconscious set of mental processes”, how to recognize own symbols, how to respond and surrender to them. Furthermore, a special “quick school” of non-verbal communication was presented, differently from one would have ever imagined. There was above all a lot of zeal and enthusiasm for discovering oneself and the environment we are part of.

The essence of the whole lecture was aimed to the use of intuitive techniques and emotional intelligence in order to improve communication with co-workers and customers, to improve sales and management – the skills that will certainly come in handy to young leaders. This was agreed by all.