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The biggest newspaper company Delo is publishing a business weekly Svet kapitala, which is also up-graded on the website www.svetkapitala.si.  Svet kapitala is a must-have edition for all decision-makers, managers, business people, young and senior professionals.

Svet kapitala covers economy, business, finance, techno trends and innovation. It presents exclusive interviews and in-depth stories from local and global economy.  It also brings financial and business information for everyday decisions. It brings career recommendations of HR experts and presents the best offers on the real-estate market. It writes about business life-style and trends, and stresses the importance of environment friendly and social responsible business acts.

Print edition is published on 32 newspaper pages and is inserted in a Friday's edition of the biggest daily newspaper Delo. However, it also possible to subscribe only to Svet kapitala, and we have a special offer for you: 30 % discount for yearly subscriptions till the end of the year. More info HERE.

Business website http://www.svetkapitala.si is minimalistic and modern web portal with attractive photos, infographic designs, and interactive elements. It is adjustable to all, especially smart phones. It publishes up-graded stories from the print edition, current business news, and in-live stock market data.

We are inviting you to step into the world of capital – every Friday in print and every day at www.svetkapitala.si.


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