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SEI Training Program that we have for the first time successfully carried out already last year, enables to twenty top-level, highly motivated students of 2nd or higher grade, from more universities in Slovenia and of various study programs- predominantly also of »non-economic«-, the practice or internship in selected companies in Slovenia that are Members of AmCham Slovenia. The Program in a Special Seminar encourages the students to proactively apply the knowledge they acquired at the university to real business ideas (aspects) and to subsequently carry them out.

Also this year the Program SEI will last four weeks in July (1.-31.7.2013). We wish to with such type of training that efficiently connects the study with the economy and is already a well-established and accepted practice abroad, enable quality and valuable working experiences also to the Slovenian students and at the same time offer them an introduction to the understanding of business in the economy.

Four days of each week will thus be dedicated to practice; i.e. training students in a company. The company will provide 128 working hours to the selected student, during which he will have the opportunity to get to know various working processes. The student will be also assigned a mentor. With such training we wish to those students, who are not at their study otherwise directly involved in the economy environment to enable to get to know the business world and thus better integrate the theory with practical knowledge, which brings positive effects also for the economy. Whereas one day of each week – Monday – will be dedicated to the Seminar of Practical Entrepreneurship and Economy, with the aim to encourage self-initiative of students at entrepreneurial activity. The Seminar will consist of carefully prepared lectures of a chosen professor as well excursions and interesting and topical lectures of invited guests.

In order to include the most suitable candidates into SEI 2013, we asked for cooperation the Slovenian Universities, which invited their members – the professors – who best know their students, to join the program. With a great pleasure we will to the cooperation at selecting the candidates invite also the distinguished USAlumni Members, eminent professors from various universities. We believe that in this way really the right candidates will be chosen in the inner round of the selection.

Companies that will cooperate at the SEI 2013 Program will be announced shortly.

Learn more about SEI 2013 terms of cooperation HERE

Student Application Form HERE

Professor Recommendation Form HERE

For all additional information regarding the program, please contact Ms. Katarina Makovec, SEI 2013 Project Manager, at katarina.makovec@amcham.si, +386 40 766 999.