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We are pleased to announce that applications for Summer Economics Institute (SEI) 2016 are now open

Young Entrepreneurship Vibe!

As a socially responsible training program, the Summer Economics Institute enables 20 top students from many universities in Slovenia and various study programs (above all also “the non-economic ones”) an American, open principle of professional training and internships in selected enterprises with AmCham Slovenia members.

SEI: Invigorating, Diverse – so American!

With such training, which efficiently integrates the theoretical knowledge (study) with the experiential one in a real economic environment, which is a common and well-accepted practice abroad, we enable Slovenian students – even those whose work may not be directly related to the business environment – valuable work experiences and introduction to certain aspects and understanding of doing business.

We listen to the business ideas of young people, encourage the development of their business models, and build the entrepreneurial (self) consciousness of future leaders.

The program consists of: interactive lectures given by an American expert in entrepreneurship with the aim of encouraging the self-initiative of students in entrepreneurial activities, field trips, and visits to a wide variety of companies and institutions, inspirational lectures with discussions of exceptional speakers, and internships where students engage in business with a mentor. Lectures will be held in July whereas one month internship can be implemented in May, June or July – according to the agreement with a company.

Furthermore, companies often subsequently give the intern they cooperate with through SEI a concrete job offer, so the program also caters to the human resources potential for all employers seeking new, young staff.

Summer Economics Institute 2016


The Summer Economics Institute (SEI) 2016 aims to give university students a hands-on introduction to business and economics in the real world, as well as the tools to create new businesses – the foundation of entrepreneurship.

The Summer Economics Institute (SEI) 2016 student internship program is a highly selective program giving 20 students the opportunity to intern with American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Slovenia companies, as well as providing them with an understanding of basic economics, business and entrepreneurship through two weeks of coursework with US Professor James Ebben, US Fulbright Scholar to Slovenia in Entrepreneurship (2011), currently at the University of St. Thomas, School of Business, Minnesota, USA as well as through targeted seminars, site visits and invited speakers.

Who organizes it?

The program is organized by the US Embassy Ljubljana and AmCham Slovenia. It is also funded in part by the US Embassy Ljubljana and in part by AmCham company sponsors.

Am I eligible?

The internship is open to Slovenian students, which are enrolled in at least 2nd year of undergraduate (dodiplomski) non-economics studies or higher (also master’s students)* in faculties at Slovenian universities.

We particularly encourage students in the natural sciences, engineering, math, computer science/IT and medicine to apply.

Applicants must be:

• students, enrolled in at least 2nd year of undergraduate studies or higher in good standing who must maintain their student status through August 31, 2016.

• able to read, write and Speak English at a high level.

*students should be younger than 28 years

How many people are in the program?

Twenty (20) interns will be selected.

Where does the program take place?

The program will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Internships will take place at AmCham member companies in Slovenia, largely in Ljubljana.

What are the highlights of the program?

• Internships at AmCham member companies.

• Coursework with a US Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship.

• Gaining an overview of economics in Slovenia through expert lectures and site visits

• Visiting a top Slovenian company.

• Seeing what it takes to become an entrepreneur in Slovenia.

• Coming up with an innovative business concept and learning to make a business pitch.

• Learning about possibilities for work, study and research in the USA.

When does the program start?

July 11 – 22, 2016:
Prof. Ebben entrepreneurship lectures and business projects, as well as seminars, site visits and invited speakers.

May/June/July 2016: Flexible one month internships with AmCham companies (128 hours ~1 month)

What do you need from me?

Student Application Form

• University transcript

• Essay or creative form of expression

• Recent photo in .jpg format

Dates & Deadlines

The application deadline is Friday, April 15, 2016 at 12.00 noon.

Interviews will be held for prospective interns on April 20-21, 2016.

Students will be notified of acceptance in late April 2016.

Submit applications & all relevant accompanying documents to taftccw@state.gov and petra.kocjan@amcham.si

Check out the SEI 2015 VIDEO CLIP.


Please contact: Charlotte Taft, US Embassy Ljubljana taftccw@state.gov and Petra Kocjan, AmCham Slovenia, petra.kocjan@amcham.si