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AmCham Slovenia in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy for the third year in a row organizes a special student internship program: 30 June -28 July 2014

Final monday session, 28 July- students presented their business ideas

The 3rd Annual Summer Economics Institute jointly organized by the US Embassy Ljubljana and AmCham Slovenia started 30th June 2014.
The 20 Slovenian university students taking part in this one month summer program listened to US Embassy Charge David Burger and AmCham Executive Director mag. Ajša Vodnik welcome them to the program and met their company mentors over breakfast, had a workshop from MojeDelo.com on getting a job, and finally went on an inspiring site visit to Seaway, a highly successful Slovenian company, to meet with CEO Japec Jakopin. In the weeks ahead they have learned about entrepreneurship with US professor James Ebben, went on site visits and hear lectures on economics, business and entrepreneurship, and spend four days per week interning with AmCham member companies.

Next day students already started working at chosen AmCham member companies, planning their internship with assigned mentors, learning the work process and their new colleagues.

Monday, July 7th students started their lectures with US Professor of Entrepreneurship Jay Ebben. In the afternoon, the students went on site visits to learn about economics, banking, and business in Slovenia. They visited the Institute for Macroeconomic Analysis and Development for an overview of the macroeconomic situation in Slovenia by Director Boštjan Vasle, then headed to the Bank of Slovenia where Dr. Vida šeme Hočevar and colleagues told them about the Bank’s mission, monetary policy, and its role in banking regulation. Finally, they visited the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce to hear Aleš Cantarutti, Director of International Business, tell them about what products and services Slovenia provides and the importance of internationalization and exports to Slovenian economic development.

The second week – Tuesday to Friday- interns gained a better inside into the companies’ organizations they work for, their strategies, internal and external cooperation, some even participated in the concrete business meetings with their mentors, shadowing colleagues or went on a business trip.

Monday, July 9th the 20 Slovenian Summer Economics Institute (SEI) 2014 student interns visited the Poligon Creative Center in Ljubljana to hear Luka Piskorič and Marko Orel tell them about this space, which offers a co-working and a crowdfunding lab for would-be entrepreneurs, start-ups, and freelancers, as well as other services such as 3-D printing and social and cultural events.

Monday program- 14th July: Entrepreneurship in Action Day: Overview of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Slovenia & Technology Park LJ with Kristina Ober at TP-LJ), lesson by Jernej Pintar, CEED) Start-ups grow up, Protecting your idea: IPR Law (Helena Valas, LLM), Financing your idea: Slovenski Podjetniski Sklad/Slovenian Business Fund on Start-Up Funding (Blaz Kos), Venture capitalist/Angel Investor & Entrepreneur (Andraž Tori, Zemanta Co. & Silicon Gardens and Luka Pečavar, Sqwiz).

On July 16th Professor Ebben and the SEI 2014 student interns have an impromptu outdoor evening entrepreneurship class on the DiVino restaurant terrace at Kristalna Palača on July 16.

Monday, July 21st, SEI student interns learned about Work, Study and Research in the USA options from the US Embassy, Darinka Trček of Javni Sklad/EducationUSA and the personal experiences of Fulbright Alumnus Andrej Srakar and Slovenian-American lawyer Katya Mežek. Lastly the students heard a lecture by Helena Valas LLM on Intellectual Property Law as part of the SEI program on Entrepreneurship in Action. The program was hosted at the IBM Innovation Center in Ljubljana.

Student finished internship in the companies, Friday 25th July; some of them got offers from their mentors to prolong the cooperation.

28 July, last Monday of the program, students presented their business ideas- business pitches- they have developed with the assistance of prof. Ebben in the month of July – their mentors and last year SEI participants also attended. The best of them will be presented at the final event SEI 2014 on 28 August 2014.

All of the Monday lessons with prof. Ebben took place at the IBM Innovation Centre, Kristalna palača, Ljubljana.

Young Entrepreneurship Vibe!

In cooperation with the U.S. Embassy in Slovenia, under the patronage of USAlumni, we intertwine the threads of study and business. At the socially responsible training program, the Summer Economics Institute, we enable 20 top students from many Universities in Slovenia and various study programs (above all also “the non-economical ones”) an American, open principle of professional training and internship in selected enterprises with AmCham Slovenia members.

SEI: Invigorating, Diverse – so American!

With such training, which efficiently integrates the theoretical knowledge (study) with the experiential one in a real economic environment, which is a common and well-accepted practice abroad, we enable Slovenian students – even those whose work may not be directly related to the business environment – valuable work experiences and introduction to certain aspects and understanding of doing business.

We listen to the business ideas of young people, encourage the development of their business models, and build the entrepreneurial (self) consciousness of future leaders.

The program takes place in the month of July and consists of: interactive lectures given by American professors of practical business and economics with the aim of encouraging the self-initiative of students in entrepreneurial activities, field trips, and visits to a wide variety of companies and institutions, inspirational lectures with discussions of exceptional (co)speakers, and internships where students engage in business with a mentor.

Furthermore, companies often subsequently give the intern they cooperate with through SEI a concrete job offer, so the program also caters to the human resources potential for all employers seeking new, young staff.

Summer Economics Institute 2014


The Summer Economics Institute (SEI) 2014 Student Internship Program is a highly selective, month-long program giving 20 students the opportunity to intern with American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) Slovenia companies 4 days per week, as well as providing them with an understanding of basic economics, business and entrepreneurship through one day per week of coursework with US Professor James Ebben, US Fulbright Scholar to Slovenia in Entrepreneurship (2011), currently at the University of St. Thomas, School of Business, Minnesota, as well as field trips, site visits and invited speakers.

SEI aims to give students an introduction to business and economics in the real world, as well as the tools to create new businesses – the foundation of entrepreneurship.

For who?

The internship was open to Slovenian 2nd year and higher undergraduate (dodiplomski) non-economics/business students enrolled in faculties at Slovenian universities.

We particularly encouraged students in the natural sciences, engineering, math, computer science/IT and medicine to apply.

Applicants must be:

2nd year and higher undergraduate (dodiplomski) students in good standing who must maintain their student status through August 31, 2014.

able to read, write and Speak English at a high level.

Where does the program take place?

The program will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Internships will take place at AmCham member companies in Slovenia, largely in Ljubljana.

What are the highlights of the program?

Internships at AmCham member companies

Coursework with a US Professor of Business & Entrepreneurship

Gaining an overview of economics and monetary policy in Slovenia through expert lectures

Visiting a top Slovenian company

Seeing what it takes to become an entrepreneur in Slovenia

Coming up with an innovative business concept and learning to make a business pitch

Learning about possibilities for work, study and research in the USA

When does the program start?

The program will run from June 30-July 28, 2014.

Application consisted of?

Student Application Form

Professor Recommendation Form

University transcript

Essay or creative form of expression

Recent photo in .jpg format

Dates & Deadlines

The application deadline was Friday, April 25, 2014.

Interviews were held for prospective interns on 12-14 May 2014.

We have selected 20 top students who will participate in the Summer Economics Institute 2014

Monika Homar, Ana Dovc, Eva Reberc, Eva Sever, Gregor Tim Gruenfeld, Jan Kuštra, Jan Ratej, Klemen Lorber, Kristjan Longar, Martina Stipič, Maša Urbančič, Matevž Smole, Miha Trstenjak, Almira Mujanovič, Miljanka Krneta, Urša Jerman, Simona Fabjan, Urška Krajnc, Vanesa Đeladini, Rudi Hrvatin

Participating companies, members of AmCham Slovenia

Moje Delo d.o.o., Competo d.o.o., špica International d.o.o., ALD Automotive d.o.o., Bisnode d.o.o., Petrol d.d., SGS Slovenija d.o.o., Studio Moderna d.o.o., Stal (STA Potovanja) d.o.o., Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires d.o.o., Zavod Ypsilon, Microsoft d.o.o.,Hewlett-Packard d.o.o., IBM Slovenija d.o.o., Pristop Skupina d.o.o., Philip Morris Ljubljana d.o.o., Droga Kolinska d.d., CEED Slovenija d.o.o., Si.mobil d.d., Aviat storitveno podjetje d.o.o.

Before the start of the program, students will attend a special preparatory seminar, organized by SEI 2014 partner, MojeDelo.com

First, introductory meeting will take place on Monday, 30 June 2014 at the premises of IBM Slovenia, Crystal Palace. In addition to the detailed presentation of the program, at the meeting students will also learn in which companies they will intern and will have the opportunity to meet their mentors. In the afternoon same day, they will start the program by visiting one of the successful Slovenian companies.


For any additional information, please contact Katarina Makovec, Project Manager, katarina.makovec@amcham.si, +386 40 766 999