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In a relaxing environment of Orehov gaj we spent a sunny, interesting Thursday. We gained new knowledge, experiences and passion to overcome new challenges. 


Uroš Petrović, the co-author of “NTC” learning system and the best seller of books for children in Serbia woke our brain up first thing in the morning. By giving us innovative tasks, he systematically made us upgrade our skills and form new neural connections in the brain. For example, Petrović gave us two tasks: “Make up an ice-cream cone that does not yet exist,” and “Draw the name of the person next to you.” With those examples he used his “NTC” learning system. The NTC learning system is a pedagogical approach based on the knowledge of the development and functioning of the brain.

Since our brain were awake very active, we were open about the knowledge of artificial intelligence. Dr. Marko Grobelnik and dr. Dunja Mladenič from the Institute of Jožef Štefan presented us the role of artificial intelligence in companies.. We also learned about its limitations and advantages.

In the last part of the conference, Marta Kos Marko and Matej Potokar introduced their views about leadership during their talk with dr. Eva Boštjančič, professor of psychology. They also explained the importance of passions at work and told us about the impact emotions and intellect have on their work.


At AmCham Slovenia we are very happy that we took part in organizing the conference StRast 2017, as it was a refreshing study lesson about leadership – partly because of the passionate guests and partly because of the green environment. 

Foto: KoKaPress