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Dear Partners,

Here at Amidas Translation Company we have been helping our customers to compete successfully on the global market for 20 years, in the course of which time we have built long-standing partnerships with numerous domestic and foreign companies.

Our key strengths lie in a highly experienced team of native English speakers with a faultless knowledge of the Slovenian language and a wide range of specialisms, and in our well-developed international network of translators of most of the world languages.

We invite you to get in touch with us, by telephone, e-mail or by visiting our busy office, to discuss your translation requirements, as straightforward or complex as they may be.

We are offering a 10% discount to AmCham Slovenia partners on their first translation of over 30 pages. This offer is valid until 31 January 2012.

For more details about the offer, or indeed about the work that we do, please do not hesitate to call Nina Šušnik on 01 300 96 90, or write to marketing@amidas.si. Translation orders can be sent to amidas@amidas.si.


With best wishes,

Nina Šušnik

Amidas Translation Company