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We are pleased to announce SAP Forum Slovenija that will take place on June 14th in Brdo pri Kranju. The economy is going digital at breakneck speed. Established business models are under stress, successful business networks disintegrate, industry boundaries change, new players emerge, products become smart, consumers get instantly connected. Digitization goes beyond what most people typically think – driving effectiveness and efficiencie s – it’s really about the emergence of new business models. Leadership in the digital economy requires companies with bold visions, supported by assets that businesses and customers need, and experience to help guide them to their ultimate destination.

As many times before we will gather on SAP Forum numerous stakeholders in one place – to discuss key topics on how to thrive in the digital economy. Theory will be put into practice. Anna Sienko, Technology leader for CEE at PwC will show us how successful CEOs can reinvent companies and business models in the digital age. Many of them put a bet on modern technology and digital transformation – and won the bet in the process. Most of us are just eager to hear how they did it. Also among the keynote speakers is Rumyana Trencheva, Managing Director for SAP South-East Europe, that will present how digital economy is coming to life in the aforementioned region. We will discuss how to be successful in an increasingly digital economy where management skills are necessary, but not sufficient, where speed of innovation, agility and simplicity are a matter of survival for companies of all sizes and industries.

AmCham Slovenia is a proud supporter of SAP Forum Slovenija.

Looking forward to see you at SAP Forum. Additional information: www.sap.si