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We’re still dealing with running basis so the plan includes more easy runs that is mixing motorical abilities, including endurance, speed and running technique.

I hope you’re following the plan so that we can discuss about interesting observations of your realized running sessions.

Wish you best, Grega


11.5. R: nonstop easy jog today, because the plan for last weekend was to cover longer run, some of you went to run a 12-k race. 45 min of moderate intensity (Zone 2 to 3), can include ups and downs in Tivoli/Golovec. Enjoy today!


13.5. T: after warm up we’ll repeat 3 times the accelerated 10 and a half minutes long intervals, that will be like follows: (4′ Zone 1 + 3′ Zone 2 + 2′ Zone 3 + 1′ Zone 4 + 30” Zone 5). 2′ rest between. Some running technique at the end.


15.5. T: warm up, then nonstop easy run, 40′ long, but interrupted with 5 shortened fast intervals, the 1st being 3′ long, the 2nd 2′, the 3rd 1:30, the 4th 1′ and the last only half a minute. Take nonstop rest jog between, can be some 5′ long. The fast intervals must be fast, try to do your best, don’t pull back, just go! The Zone should be at least 4! Relax run 5 to 10′ at the end.

16.5. T: very good warm up, then some kind of middle distance »test« over 3 km or 5 km. The suggested zone is 3/4, but don’t push very hard! Stay within limits of “non-suffering” intensity. Measure your heart rate and your finish time. If you don’t like or don’t have the measured course, then run 20′ instead. Easy run 10′ at the end and stretch!


18.5. T: my suggestion for today would be slow run, nonstop, half an hour. Zones 2 to 3. Then stop and at the end try to focus on high speed (Zone 5) with 5 one-minute long intervals with walk up to 2 minutes between as rest. Stretching!


20.5. T: non-stop, very slow “fat – burning run” in 800m segments with accelerations from every 650 to 800m. So till 650m you run in the zone N1, the fast segment for 150m should be focused on technique and high speed. We’ll repeat it some 6 times (half an hour) and then some running technique at the end.