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We have met, I’ve seen you run (you did great!), now it’s time to make a step forward. We’ll have Thursdays (7.00 p.m. -8.00 pm. slower, 8.00 p.m. – 9.00 p.m. faster runners) for introducing as much different qualities (speed, changing zones of intensity, running technique, breathing, heart rates, etc.) as possible. Therefore you’ll find my plans much more understandable.

The plan is not imperative – you can always change the succession of trainings, you can mix the contents however you want, but there is always a principle of running days/rest days, slow/fast sessions succession. All you need in this moment is a bit of motivation, a stop watch and a bit of focus while following my direction.

I’m open for you questions and wish you maximum running enjoy,




15.4. T: we’ll focus on zones of intensity, because in my opinion it’s still the most important issue of running process. We’ll perform 5 segments: 8′ N1 + 4′ N2 + 3′ N3 + 2′ N4 + 1′ N5 with enough rests between. At the end some theory of running stride and some techniques will follow.


17.4. T: warm up, then non-stop middle to high zone of intensity (N3 to N3/4) run: 20′ (beginners) do 30′ (faster runners). Do not push hard, try to run constantly and get a right individual rhythm not to “die” at the end. You can take this training to 5km test in N3/4 (stop watch!).


19.4. T: warm up 10’, then “fartlek” (Finn model of running training with mixed endurance, speed, power and exercises from 1960’s): 10*(3′ very slowly (=N1) + 2′ middle (=N3) + 1′ fast (=N4)). Relax and stretch at the end.


21.4. T: today is time for “speed endurance” training. The speed impulse activates the fast twitch muscle fibres which are important also for long distance runners. Warm up very well, then 6 segment run will follow: 3:00 min, 2:30 min, 2:00 min, 1:30 min, 1:00 min, 0:30 min. Zone of intensity should be high, around N4 or more. Rest 2 to 5 minutes. Relax run 5’ at the end and stretch!

22.4. T: we’ll put some attention to different things that are important (stride frequency, zones acceleration, technique, etc.) and make a short »fartlek« 14′ nonstop running like 7*(1′ fast + 1′ slow).


24.4. T: warm up 10’, then my suggestion would be 3 intervals in the middle zone (around N3) to train your endurance: so make 3* 7 (beginners) to 10’ (faster runners) in zone N3. Rest should be 2 to 5 minutes. Some relax run + stretching at the end.