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Success is determined by successful communication, both active listening and appropriate delivery of messages. In quickly changing world, it is important that someone is able to manage stressful situations. Therefore, someone has to be able to have self-control and control over the situation. In addition, it is important that we enjoy our job. This is possible only when we are good at something and we have high quality deliverables. We have to be brave, set our goal and pursue it. In order to increase our self-confidence we shall face challenges and projects that are more difficult. We can learn from mistakes. Indeed, they are opportunity for growth.

Lea Pfajfar Cotič, Ernst & Young d.o.o.

This lecture was in fact a »double gain« process: learned a lot about the importance of motivation, ways to achieve the goals and simultaneously felt even more inspired to go toward the own goals and dreams. It’s a good feeling when you leave the room and you are full of energy and desire to aim higher, to perform even better and to achieve more.

Melnisa Begović, Studio Moderna d.o.o.

Some lecturers have excellent elocutionary skills and some discuss interesting topics, but to the perceptible satisfaction of many of us, Matej Tušek's talk included both. The average person seldom hears and likely never contemplates the correlations between sports psychology and the management of a company, yet Tušek easily convinces both an economist as well as a legal practitioner of the concepts of kinship we share as human beings striving to succeed. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the interpreting of tree drawings, which presented us with perhaps the most valuable lesson of all by way of a magician's trick: who we are and how alike we are in our differences. Once we understand this, we can go forward and go anywhere.

Bojana Kenda, Aviat Networks

The story that dr. Matej Tusak, a sport psychologist, shared with us, about the experiences of Slovenian athletes who face many struggles on their path to achieving top results and how they need to implement hard work, ingenuity and tenacity, reminded me of the words Franklin D. Roosevelt has said: "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." Sporting results are a reflection of this persistence at learning from your mistakes. However, what separates your average athlete from a champion is the inner strength to make that extra step in motivating yourself, staying focused and having the courage to pull it off. Those are also the qualities the best leaders nurture in order to tackle new challenges every day and improve on the results.

Klara Zavrl, COMPETO d.o.o.

When in life are we truly successful? Success does not depend on the individual alone but equally on the people and the environment in which we coexist. One must first be pleased about himself, only then can he start creating a space, together with others, which will enable them to successfully face challenges. The path to success is long, but finding and resolving the shortcomings of us and others is a never-ending process. A truly inspiring lecture by Mr Matej Tušek, a sports psychologist, has taught me best, that in order to succeed, we must first know of what we wish to achieve.

Matej Gregorec, Ministry of Foreign Affairs