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There are many outstanding questions in the field of property law affecting many aspects of our daily work. Among other issues, we are interested in ways how sale of a real estate in execution or bankruptcy affects easement and building title, in questions around creation of easement in public benefit and what should one be aware of regarding the notarial sale of the pledged property, direct enforceability of notarial records or mortgage on the property subject to expropriation. There are also concerns regarding legal nature of ownership right, disposal right, and application of the property law rules in protection of the ownership right entered into the land register in the Slovenian courts case law. Such issues and some other topics will be discussed at the conference The Days of Property Law, to be held first days of June in Ljubljana.

The conference will be organized by the Ljubljana Faculty of Law and Planet GV and will be held June 1 and 2, 2016 at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law. The event is an excellent opportunity for those who expect a comprehensive and professional review of topics related to property law and land register law with emphasis on property rights and their legal protection, lien, easement and building title. The conference will also host a round table discussion on the case law topical issues in property law.

The following leading experts, professors, judges, notaries and an expert from the Ministry will share their knowledge and experience: Nina Plavšak, PhD, Miha Verčko, Miha Juhart, PhD, Maja Zorman, Bojan Podgoršek, Nada Kumar, Matija Damjan, PhD, Renato Vrenčur, PhD, Tomaž Pavčnik, Matjaž Tratnik, PhD, Jožica Velkaverh and others.

You are kindly invited to join us June 1 and 2, 2016 at the Ljubljana Faculty of Law.

Organized by the Ljubljana Faculty of Law, Planet GV and Tax-Fin-Lex.

More about the event HERE.

For more information please visit www.planetgv.si/spd, where you can also register yourself.