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At the November meeting of the AmCham Young Leaders Club we held a short workshop of the Lego® Serious Play® methodology, which aims to improve communication and problem-solving techniques as well as to identify obstacles and hidden opportunities. Tackling the challenge of the Lego brick is suitable for building a common vision for new projects and facilitate the achievement of the objectives in the company working teams. It also contributes to the reduction of financial inputs or helps finalizing the project in planned budget.

Jens Rottbøll, the method coach from Denmark, introduced the system of methodology, which is based on a set of facts and basic rules of leadership and organization. The participants addressed the following three challenges:

– to construct the tallest tower from the given set of bricks, which was the same for everyone,

– to assemble a 'Manager from hell', 

– to construct bricks in a way that shows them as leaders in their own environment; how to manage and combine the ratio of work-private life; or how they see their ideal work environment and privacy.

Lego origins from a carpentry workshop in Denmark, which began with the production of first wooden toys in early 1932. The name Lego in Latin means 'I assemble' and Lego Group is today a family-owned company, which is currently run by the grandson of the founder.

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