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29 September – 3 October 2014, Slovenia

Together with his Cabinet, the honorary patron of the campaign, President of the Republic of Slovenia Mr.Borut Pahor contributed 30 volunteer hours to a total of 4098 hours that were carried out by volunteers from 42 companies in 50 campaigns across Slovenia under the AmCham Week of Corporate Volunteerism in partnership with the Slovene Philanthropy.* (some participants will continue to volunteer in the next two weeks)

For the second time this year, the Giving Back to the Community campaign whose purpose is to encourage corporate volunteerism aimed also at showing that businessmen are very much aware of the interdependence of all community members.

The closing day campaign, which took place at the Institute for Blind and Partially Sighted Youth, connected two events: The ”AmCham Day” (an event by the American Chamber of Commerce in Slovenia) and the “Diplomatic Day of Service 2014” (an initiative by the American Embassy in Slovenia). The campaign attracted 80 volunteers from different businesses and embassies.

“For a long time, the circumstances did not allow us to organize any kinds of labor brigades. Today, we put our efforts into making it happen, as we wish to upkeep the tradition of brigades organized by the Office of the President or by others, in this case AmCham and the Slovene Philanthropy. I believe it is right for a tradition of solidarity and social responsibility to exist and for everyone to be strengthening it. Everyone, including me, wishes to give something back and is looking for opportunities to give back to what we call the Community. It feels good to do good, to make someone happy.”

Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia

“Volunteering Is about giving a part of yourself back to the community and above all it is about helping the less privileged while enriching yourself and setting an example for those around you, your children. In life, one must also think about those who at the given moment lack many things they want. This is why it is necessary to be connected with the community also through volunteering. “

Matej Potokar, President, AmCham Slovenia

“With corporate volunteering, we are creating new ties between people and organizations, which are important for Slovenia. A good community is one in which we know how to cooperate and how to create new avenues of collaboration through corporate volunteering. These ties are important and enrich both NGOs and businesses by allowing them to enter into a world they would otherwise not be in daily contact with.«

Tereza Novak, Executive Director, Slovene Philanthropy

“The thought One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye is today relevant more than ever. I am proud and happy that more and more businesses and volunteers believe in our initiative Giving Back to the Community and want to help create a better community through their work today and otherwise.”

Ajša Vodnik, Executive Director, AmCham Slovenia

“Volunteering is an important part of US society and today I am pleased to be able to work for Slovenia and above all for its people.”

Joseph Mussomeli, United States Ambassador to Slovenia

“We are proud and happy to be here today, to be able to do good. As a company we believe that socially responsible work is crucial and that each and every business should demonstrate its commitment to the local environment.”

Milan Dragič, Director, SAP Slovenia

“We are an innovative company, an enthusiastic team and as such our focus is on social responsibility.”

Maja Vauda, Director, Abbvie

“Europlakat is a socially responsible company, which supports several projects. Of particular importance to us are projects with a humanitarian tone. We came here today full of enthusiasm and eager to work.”

Urban Korenjak, Sales Director, Europlakat

“Petrol traditionally responds to positive initiatives, such as Giving Back to the Community. We took part in the Week of Corporate Volunteerism last year and are even more active this year, with several teams across the country. For me, this is a natural part of human relationships – to help whenever possible – as this enriches us all. As a community, we can either succeed as a whole, or not at all. Giving Back to the Community is a wonderful initiative.”

Rok Cuderman, CMO, Petrol d.d.

“This is the second year Zavarovalnica Triglav has supported the wonderful Giving Back to the Community campaign in several ways. We encourage our employees to actively take part and everyone who participates is thrilled. It is important to give.”

Tjaša Kolenc Filipčič, Marketing Director, Zavarovalnica Triglav

“I have only been in Slovenia for 6 weeks and found out about the campaign as I was taking over work tasks. I didn’t have to think for too long. We all work a lot, but it is important to sometimes take a step back and see what is really important and what we can give in life.”

Pascal Boot, Director Philip Morris

“This campaign represents a possibility for ensuring a better living standard for children at our school. It is at the same time an opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to the wider society and to demonstrate the needs of blind and visually impaired.”

Katjuša Koprivnikar, Headmaster, Institute for Blind and Partially Sighted Youth

Campaign Supporters:

Honorary Patron: President of the Republic of Slovenia Mr. Borut Pahor

Main Sponsors: Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d., SAP d.o.o.

Sponsors: AbbVie d.o.o., Petrol d.d.

Website enabled by: Philip Morris d.o.o.

Reconstruction enabled by: JUB d.o.o.

Media Partners: Eclipse d.o.o., Europlakat d.o.o., Radio 1 d.o.o., TSmedia d.o.o.

This year’s Campaign participants:

AbbVie d.o.o., AmCham Slovenija, Ameriško veleposlaništvo v RS, Aviat d.o.o., Bi Nova d.o.o., Borzen d.o.o., Cisco Systems, podružnica Ljubljana, Comtrade d.o.o., Doctrina d.o.o., Eli Lilly d.o.o., EMC Podružnica Ljubljana, EMMA d.o.o., Ernst & Young d.o.o., Europlakat d.o.o, Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires d.o.o., GlaxoSmithKline d.o.o., IBM Slovenija d.o.o., Janssen / Johnson&Johnson d.o.o., Knauf Insulation, d.o.o., KPMG d.o.o., Liberty International Slovenia, Medis d.o.o., Microsoft d.o.o., NP Consulting d.o.o., Odvetniška družba Fatur, o.p., d.o.o., Odvetniška družba Kocmut o.p., d.o.o., Petrol d.d., Philip Morris Ljubljana d.o.o., PWC d.o.o., S&T Slovenija d.d., SAP d.o.o., Si.mobil d.d., Slovenska filantropija, Summit Avto d.o.o., špica International d.o.o., Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d., TSmedia d.o.o., UPS Adria Ekspres d.o.o., Wrigley d.o.o./ MARS Overseas Holdings, Založba Rokus Klett d.o.o., GBD BPD d.d.

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