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Let's see how the teams are doing. All together we are at 45 % way to implementation.


Motivation in Public Administration:

Change Meter: 50%

  • Slogan: A Fit Public Administration.
  • A training course for employees will be held, and ministers will also be included. The training course will be launched in March 2017; in one year, the effects will be monitored through a survey.
  • Introduction of method: Praise a colleague.

Interdepartmental Cooperation  

Change Meter: 50%

  • Mentoring: 30 mentoring pairs were created; the mentors include the Prime Minister and 5ministers; organization of mentoring seminar and preparation of mentoring booklet; private meeting of ministers and their mentees to introduce cooperation; media presence.
  • 3 values: bold responsibility, playful innovation, partnership – a survey was conducted on how Public Administration employees see these values. At the workshop in February they determined how to promote the values throughout the Public Administration.
  • Agile teams: interdepartmental teams were formed, a workshop introducing different working methods will be held.

School Curriculum for the 21st Century 

Change Meter: 50%

  • The aim of the introduction of design-oriented thinking in schools has been implemented through a request for proposals for the selection of operations called: “Development and implementation of innovative learning environments and flexible forms of learning to raise general skills.”
  • Beginning of the Partnership after Partnership program in January 2017 at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, the first event of the exchange of best practices between companies and ministries.
  • An grant  is planned for acquisition of skills for teachers in companies.
  • The group will now focus on empowering the teachers at the system level, so they can pass the skills of the 21st century on to their students.

Friendly E-Services

Change Meter: 50%

  • There is already an active guide for the birth of a child on eUprava (eAdministration).
  • A guide for marriage has already been designed, and one for cars is being developed.

 “I Feel Slovenia” Brand

Change Meter: 50%

  • Creation of an email signature with I Feel Slovenia logo for the Public Administration is in the realization process.
  • The promotion of I feel Slovenia, green.creative.smart slogan in the business sector, with an emphasizes on start-ups.
  • Connection with SPIRIT Slovenija and promotion of I Feel Slovenia brand at various events.