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Let’s step on the path of implementation. Cooperation and exchange of employees continues, this time even more ministries and companies will get involved.

We are at the beginning of the 3rd round of Partnership for Change that will be dedicated to implementation of solutions from the 2nd round. Last year the participants were seeking solutions to 5 challenges, while this year there will be only one challenge: implementation of proposed solutions. What follows? Four different workshops throughout the year and a traditional employee exchange in June 2017.

Honorary patron of the program, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration Boris Koprivnikar stressed the following in his opening speech: »If we want to change the public administration, we first have to change the mentality. We can only do that by cooperation and through dialogue, for this reason we are pleased to collaborate with you. Everything we create has the features of human being that needs to grow and develop. We need to care, lead and encourage it. All this reflects in our growing and developing project. The world is changing fast, making it impossible for us to plan everything in advance and expect 100% warranty on success. It is unrealistic to expect that today. There will always be mistakes. Partnership encourages us to learn from each other, and find mistakes that we can solve together. The program you are co-creating is very important for our future.«

Executive Director of AmCham Slovenia Ajša Vodnik, MSc, pointed out, that despite the technological development, human being is still in the center of today’s world: »Nowadays all trends are closely connected with digitalization, we speak about fourth industrial revolution. I believe that without people, cooperation, dialogue and cognition we cannot create positive changes. And this is why we speak about the Partnership for Change. Economy by itself could exist in its bubble, however positive changes are possible only through dialogue and cooperation with decision-makers, public administration, science and culture. And let us not forget about the trust, which we can only create with getting to know each other better and through exchange of ideas that can be implemented.«

Special guest of the event professor Matej Tušak, PhD, who led many athletes to the top form and results, shared the experiences from sport psychology with us. Today he spreads his knowledge from sport psychology on the field of management. Tušak talked about three main ingredients of success: »If one wants to be successful, one needs to be braver, work harder and be less jealous. This nicely reflects in sport, from which we can learn a lot. Firstly, we need a goal and motivation. Also the competence, knowledge and self-confidence are important. Important factors of success are the quality, self-discipline and persistence. It is important to know that in the process to success you fail more often than you win. However, the key is that we learn from our mistakes and move on.«

In the 3rd round of Partnership for Change, the teams will try to implement the solutions designed in 2nd round.

How to:

  • to reach the greater impact of inter-ministerial cooperation,
  • to raise the motivation of public administration employees,
  • to make complex public e-service administration friendly and efficient for users,
  • strengthen the brand I feel Slovenia,
  • to introduce 21st century skills to our schools.

About the Partnership for Change Program

In July 2016, the Ministry of Public Administration applied with Partnership for Change to the OECD call for innovation in public administration. Among 150 applicants, we managed to get on the short list. The selected projects will be presented at World Government Summit in Dubai, next February.

You can follow Partnership for Change also at www.partnerstvozaspremembe.si, where you can learn more about the program, meet the participants, and fllow the change meter, showing how successful we will be in implementing the changes.