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These achievements will hopefully make a significant step forward in AmCham´s endeavours to make Slovenian business environment friendlier and more attractive to foreign direct investments and nevertheless to make the business environment in our beautiful country friendlier to all the companies already present in Slovenia. Special thanks go to all members and chairs of these Committees – (please accept our apologies for not enlisting them since we have a limited space in Brief), however all the members participating in the AmCham Committees may be seen in the Yearbook 2010/2011 – which will be on your tables next week.

CSR and Environment Working Group established one year ago are trying to drawl one´s, especially companies` attention to the concern for preserving a clean environment and to the significance of the social responsibility of the companies.

Membership Committee represents a great support for the AmCham Slovenia work guidelines.

In October this year we have organized a Business Luncheon with the topic denoting “the intellectual ownership” and it soon turned out that we need to establish a Committee which would cover this field.

We would like to encourage all Members to participate in the work of these Committees and Working Groups. If you need any additional information, please contact Vida Dolenc Pogačnik, Project Manager vida.dolenc@amcham.si

We wish you all the best in the coming year.