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6th AmCham Young ProfessionalsTM Meeting

“Flirting with the possibility of changing our frameworks of thinking… from words to actions… changing the conception of “green”… little modifications, that are building parts of great movements. Will we learn how to fish in the ocean of new possibilities, which are offering themselves? Or will we rather go “sleeping with the fishes”? The decision is ours. Going from green to smart is for me highly sexy and trendy! Really inspiring event – thank you!”

Klavdija Merc
, Adviser in Minister’s Cabinet, Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning

“Sustainability is a responsibility to be resourceful. Through responsible and sustainable businesses, we encourage creativity within finding new principles.”

Tjaša Sobočan, Project Manager, Ypsilon Institute

“What a surprise! There is somebody who pokes and educates the entire economy what is important for our Planet. The economy is facing some big changes and if we don´t react towards different type of economy, the different type of economy will drag us there. What means the word Sustainability? This is a question everybody should ask themselves. I believe this question is a mirror where everybody can see himself and realize their own mind perception. From line to circle, from plan to model, from department to mindset – sustainability means changing our behavior in a way that leads our life, relationships, work, economy and entire Planet towards enviable place for living. Thank you Nadya for showing us that kind of mirror!”

Rok Kobilica Msc., Demand Planner, Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires

“I have to say, that without a shred of a doubt, dr. Zhexembayeva is one of the best lecturers I have had the opportunity to see in person. The logic she presented was supposed to be self-evident and actually is commonly known. The »extra mile« she did, so to say, was explaining how the World got itself to a position we are now in in the first place, and what steps are needed to get ourselves out. Not only did she explain the practices being undertaken around the world to turn the trend, but gave explicit evidence on how prominent, smart and sustainable (pun intended) companies are using less and less, effecting their bottom line while not sacrificing profits. What convinced me was not the talk of the doom that is about to happen to everybody but rather economically sound solutions dr. Zhexembayeva offered and are (re)usable everywhere.”

Matic Jurkošek, Sales Director, Založba Rokus Klett

“We are moving away from a linear economy and I hope you will be the pioneers rather than the victims of the new world.”

Katarina Koren, LL.M. | Legal Counsel CSEE, Goodyear Dunlop Sava Tires

“We live at a time of rapid technological progress, where we produce products only for one use and then trash them immediately. We are running out of things to mine and land to manage our waste. We have to feel responsibility towards the resources and have to come up with strategic approach, which is also our business opportunity. To contribute to a better world and to achieve our business goal we have to think


rather than green.


– small costs


– market material


– added value for costumers


– radical innovation for a demanding world


– transformation of a lifetime”

Ermina Kamenčić, Lawyer, CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz

“First of all I would like to thank you, Amcham, for giving me (all of us) the opportunity to meet such a great person as Nadya Zhexembayeva. I would like to express, in a few words, my opinion about yesterday’s meeting: We can notice that human technological development, creativity and excesses are sprightly rising, but, on the other hand, our World and our row material are slowly dying. Only people, especially producers, technologists, managers, businessmen can and must react and take the path of change. Big step find their origins in small ideas, which means that with small steps we can make big changes. We should not be satisfied with sustainability, because reality in not made of unlimited creativity; so we have to move on and get out of our unlimited box and cross boundaries, based on new principles; with these actions we will be able to build a new unlimited box where we can use our infinite creativity. But for new changes we need values and an innovative approach to sustainability!“

Sandra Valenti, Assistant SBU Savoury spreads, Droga Kolinska

“How can we allow ourselves to use a word sustainability if we don’t even care about our planet?“

Luka Povše, Siemens

“When Nadya made a question what sustainability is, she got a bunch of answers, all correct, but rather vague and marketing oriented. If I try to answer this question now it’s quite simple in fact. Sustainability is not something we could describe with a single word or even sentence. It’s a way of thinking how can I, or we as company/society, bring the end of the product/used resource to it’s beginning, not leaving anything behind – just like Nature does. It’s that simple.”

Luka Plešec, Customer Meeting Services, Eli Lilly