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Naton is one of the largest HR agencies that offers support and help with all HR services (www.natonhr.com) in Slovenia, Croatia and Germany, however we help companies from elsewhere as well. Naton is a collaborative and problem solving partner with 18 years of experiences. Naton is the first HR company in Slovenia that manages the graphology testing of the staff.

As a proud member of AmCham, we offer to other co-members a unique opportunity for their team. Naton can help your team to check your signature and give you some basic information that your signature reveals and few guidelines regarding the improvement of your signature:

– What should you improve to give the right impression with your signature

– Is your signature too big or too small in connection with the text

– Do you underline or cross your signature?

Signature is sometimes your first impression you give. Make sure you are telling the true story about you and your company.

Naton is offering you a short graphology consulting and testing your specific signature for only 150€ per person.