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In a time of economic growth, Slovenia is becoming more and more interesting to investors. AmCham Investment Committee will therefore continue to put its efforts into the improvement of Slovenian investment environment and systemic regulation. Ervin Pfeifer, Avanton and Nevenka Črešnar Pergar, NP Consulting were again elected as chairs of the AmCham Investment Committee.

»Now more than ever it is time for reforms, bigger transparency and greater affection for domestic and foreign investors. We need to create an environment in which the investors, that bring new jobs and opportunities in the country, will feel welcome,« says the chairs.  

Recently there are quite a few visible successes in the field of investments in Slovenia, and the number of realized foreign and domestic investments is growing. This shows that Slovenia is becoming more and more interesting for investors, which is great news. AmCham Investment Committee welcomes any government effort to attract new investments and hence jobs in Slovenia, but at the same time warns that there is need for systemic regulation of legislation in the field of investment promotion and long-term systemic measures that would improve the economic and social environment of Slovenia for sustainable investments. Among the long-term measures we primarily see the strengthening of the competences of the future and the innovativeness of the Slovenian economic environment, improving functioning of state institutions and corporate governance in a sustainable macroeconomic environment, including a flexible labor market. A favorable investment environment has a positive effect on the Slovenian economy, and the competitiveness of the country, which encourages investors, both Slovene and international, to bring more sustainable investment to Slovenia. Additional quality investments have a positive impact on the welfare of the country and create new jobs. Now is the time for reforms and even greater transparency and affection for domestic and foreign investors.

AmCham Investment Committee will present its document Co-creation Dialogue to the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and to the general public at the beginning of 2018. The Document was created at the 4th Investment and Development Conference Slovenia Business BridgeTM: Opportunities in the Center of Change, in the creative collaboratin with the investors, representatives of business, public administration and civil society.