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Nevenka Kržan, senior partner, KPMG

What motivates you in life and what are you most proud of?

In life, I am motivated by the joy of what I do and the joy of life. In my free time, it is my partner with whom we share hobbies that fill me with positive energy. In the business world, it is work with colleagues who inspire me with their enthusiasm and optimism. Professionalism and problem-solving skills as well as openness in communication have always been very important to me. It is important to know how to listen to and respect people, and allow business creativity run free in the challenging situations. I think these are the criteria that I can be proud of.

What values ​​lead you with your work?

It is important to lead by example, to give colleagues the opportunity to present ideas, look holistically, think "out of the box", persevere and connect. Integrity is a pillar of good business relations in all areas. These are the values ​​that are important for me are also the values ​​of KPMG.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned in your business career so far?

We must not limit ourselves in our thinking, let's be innovative.

Nominate one of your colleagues, who is also a member of the AmCham community, to become the next Face of AmCham!

I nominate Sašo Berger, the new president of AmCham Slovenia.