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7th AmCham Young Professionals™ Meeting

Ljubljana, February 29, 2016

»Negotiations: art or science, a natural virtue or a learned craft? An array of strategies, tactics and approaches, with practical experiences still being the most useful. Good preparation, clear goals and limits, knowing your opponent and being aware of one self, a good recipe for success. Not to forget: we negotiate always, everywhere, with everyone, about everything. Definitely one of the most useful skills in business.«

– Bine Pangršič, Helios

»In his lecture, Mr. Pfeifer offered a blend of personal stories, negotiation tactics, and advice on how to act in negotiations. On multiple occasions, he stressed the importance of preparing for negotiation, which includes analyzing the numbers. He reminded us that we negotiate on a daily basis and how this is a valuable tool to push for change and create improvements in the organizations we work in.«

– Katja Mihelič, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana

»If you don`t knew, what you want to change, than you sure can not change it right.«

– Nina Marcelan, FMG GROUP

»A comprehensive insight into the world of the negotiations. Using useful, concrete examples, busting myths and positive approach. Great topic and lecturer!«

– Meta Simčič, KPMG poslovno svetovanje

»I found it quite encouraging that despite the contrary impressions, a good negotiator is not necessarily one with talent and theatrical capacities – it is a skill that can be trained. And in this regard, the build-up of what went right is even more important than the corrections of what went wrong. So let’s see…«

– Maja Koritnik, NLB

“Mr. Ervin Pfeifer has confirmed my motto, namely, that in the long run kindness is always repaid, since it has been proved that people like to cooperate with moral people. The day after this interactive workshop I have used his advice (i.e., it is good to offer two conclusion of the negotiations, combined with proposing new business approach) when representing our client in front of the court – and I succeeded!”

– Miha Turk, Law Firm Čad